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ENGL 1100
Argument Paper Planning Worksheet
Make a list of things you are passionate about. Hobbies, things you love, favourite
books/movies/music/food, things that are really important to you, etc.
Make a list of things that annoy you, things you hate, things that drive you crazy! People’s
driving habits, how people are treated in certain places, the things you have to deal with as a
student, etc.
Looking at your lists, choose one or two ideas that you would like to take a side on—write them
down here—ensure that you are choosing ideas that you can take a strong stand on, and that you
can choose ONE SIDE to argue!
In the circle, write down one of your main ideas—and which side you will take. Ex:
University should be free.
In the surrounding boxes, start writing down some points or CLAIMS that can back up your
argument and persuade your audience. Ex: Free university creates a more equal society.
Write one or two COUNTER CLAIMS in the grey boxes at the bottom! Ex: If everyone can
get into university the degree has no meaning
You can add more boxes or bubbles as needed, and you can use paper to map out more ideas
if this one doesn’t work.
Once you choose a strong idea and have some CLAIMS and COUNTER CLAIMS, create an
outline for your paper. Use paper to add more claims or counter claims.
I. Introduction
a) Hook-what will you use to catch the reader’s interest?:
b) Background info-what does the reader need to know to understand this issue?:
c) Thesis statement/main argument-what is your stance and main point of this paper?:
II. Claims
a) Claim 1-first point to prove your argument:
Evidence-what experience or information do you have to back up this claim?
b) Claim 2-first point to prove your argument:
Evidence-what experience or information do you have to back up this claim?:
Add more claims as necessary—but remember this is a short paper. Two to three claims
are enough.
III. Counter Claim
Counter Claim:
IV. Conclusion
a) Sum up argument
b) Leave the reader with something to think about
ENGLISH 1100: Introduction to University Writing
INSTRUCTOR: Tara Chambers
Please complete this checklist and submit with your Argument Paper
GRADE: 2 extra points (if followed, filled out, and submitted with the essay)
__ Argument Paper uploaded as a PDF document
__ Student and Professor’s Names Capitalized Correctly on Title Page
__ Proper Nouns Capitalized Correctly
__ Page Number in Top Right Corner
__ Defensible and Debatable Thesis Statement at the end of the Introduction
__ Three body paragraphs (minimum) that begin with topic arguments that support your thesis
__ Evidence in the paragraph that supports the topic arguments
__ Student analysis of that evidence (and how it supports the thesis)
__ Quotations, summaries, and paraphrases are cited and cited correctly (APA Formatting)
__ Conclusion Paragraph that wraps up the essay (no new evidence)
__ University level language for writing (no slang, colloquialisms, or contractions)
__ Grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and word choice has been edited.
__ Reference page alphabetical by last name (APA Formatting)
__ Reference page will have hanging indents after the first line of each entry
__ The entire essay has been edited a final time for grammar, punctuation, sentence structure,
formatting, word choice, and overall argumentation
Department of English and Modern Languages
ENGL 1100
Instructor: Tara Chambers
Argument Paper: 20%
750-1000 words
Due Date: Sunday July 17th, 2022 @ 11:59pm (PDF)
Compose an argumentation paper on the topic of your choice. Students must employ at least one
of the two argumentation styles that we have gone over in class (Rogerian or Toulmin) as well as
Aristotelian rhetorical strategies. Please consult your notes. These styles can also be found online
through a Google search if you need further review. The assignment must have an introduction
that includes a defensible and debatable thesis statement, three body paragraphs that have clear
topic arguments, evidence, and your analysis of that evidence, and a conclusion.
If evidence from outside sources is used (either summarized, paraphrased, or quoted), the student
MUST cite the sources in-text and correctly list them in a separate Reference page (APA
formatting preferred). Students may include the Argument Paper Checklist (filled out and
accurate) for an extra 2% on their final grade.
The essay must be double spaced, 12pt font, formatted according to APA formatting guidelines,
and uploaded as a PDF to Moodle by 11:59pm on July 17th
There will be plagiarism charges if a student attempts to pass off another’s work as his/her/their
Reader cannot determine
the thesis OR the thesis is
not an arguable claim
Topic arguments for each
paragraph are not clear
and/or do not support the
Rhetorical elements are
neglected and/or there is
no support for the
Thesis may be
unimaginative or
somewhat vague
Topic arguments are
present but may not be
the first sentence of the
body paragraph
Rhetorical elements are
developing, but may be
obvious or general
Contains an arguable claim
that is somewhat original.
Thesis is clear
Three topic arguments for the
body paragraphs that support
the thesis
Arguable claim that develops
fresh insight and challenges
the reader’s thinking.
Three clear topic arguments
for the body paragraphs that
support the thesis
Two rhetorical elements are
present. Solid but not original
reasoning. Assumptions are
made but not explicit.
Lacks structure, a clear
thesis, body paragraphs,
a conclusion, haphazard
Body paragraphs lack
clear direction,
supporting evidence
may be loosely tied to
the thesis
Body paragraphs mostly
support the thesis; transitions
may be awkward; the
conclusion does a decent job
of wrapping up the essay
If sources are required
for support, they are
absent or invalid
Uses sources to support and
inform, and they do not
substitute the writer’s own
ideas. Does not overuse
quotations, but there may be
issues with formatting
Citations for sources are
Assignment is not
formatted according to
APA guidelines
Lacks a variety of
sources. Some sources
are documented in-text.
Quotations and
paraphrases may be too
long and/or not cited
Some citations are
present. May not follow
APA guidelines
Assignment is
formatted (for the most
part) according to APA
The reader includes all three
rhetorical elements and
integrates evidence well.
Details are relevant to the
argument and very clear.
Body flows and supports the
thesis (see the TEEL
document) and guides the
reader smoothly through the
essay. Conclusion effectively
wraps up the essay
Sources support and inform,
but they are not substitutes
for the writer’s thoughts.
Sources are introduced in the
text and cited correctly.
Topic Arguments
Citations are quite clear and
listed in the reference page.
APA formatting is followed
for the title page, citations,
and the reference page.
Citations are correct (date,
page number, name), and
listed in the reference page.
APA formatting is followed
throughout the document –
from title page to reference
Opposing Viewpoint
Does not consider
opposing viewpoint if
Refutation (if required)
is not logical when
considering the thesis
Errors in grammar and
sentence structure, word
choice distract from the
writer’s meaning
Grammar and sentence
structure is weak, but
meaning is still clear
The opposing view is
acknowledged, but the
student does not provide a
sound counterpoint to the
Occasional minor errors, but
they do not distract the reader
or interfere with meaning.
Author acknowledges the
opposing viewpoint and
argues against it logically
Essay has been thoroughly
edited for grammar, sentence
structure, word choice,
punctuation, capitalization,
APA formatting, and any
other errors that should be

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