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part 1 – Discussion: Authentic Connection ,effective communication

Please complete your reading and this week’s module before attempting this discussion.


11:59 PM


Drawing on your reading in Goleman, Rosenberg, the Ted Talk we all watched, and your own research, summarize


(2) of the Ted Talks you chose from our list in a brief paragraph

(one paragraph per talk/TWO TOTAL)

. After completing your summary, write an analysis that draws connections/points between the talk and at least two other sources (your own research, our texts, the other talks you watched, etc). Your analysis should connect the Ted Talks and your other reading/our other materials. You will likely need more than one paragraph to do this effectively. Use MLA in text citation in your discussion.

Each talk should consist of a minimum of two paragraphs; one summary, one analysis. (that is a total of four paragraphs). You do not need to complete both in one post. That is, you may post up to two times in response to your chosen talks, and reply to classmates as often and as fully in as many posts as you’d like.


11:59 PM


Respond to a minimum of two classmates’ posts, connecting what they have said to things you have learned and are thinking about from your own research, life, and reading. The idea in your response is to build upon what they are saying, making insights.

Please note: Responses that simply “congratulate” the author on their post will not earn credit for the response. You can admire and appreciate (Ch 14!) the post, but you must say something of substance in response to it.

————————————————————- Part 2 Discussion: Peer Reviewing Introductions and Body Paragraphs


11:59 PM

: Please draft and post your introduction and one body paragraph from your research essay for workshop & review.


11:59 PM

: Review and offer constructive feedback for a minimum of two classmates’ introduction & body paragraph. How can they take what they have and make it better?

Respond to classmates who have not yet had two responses


Remember: What is happening in one body paragraph is likely happening in the others! This means whatever advice your reviewer gives you about this one paragraph can transfer to those you are still writing. For instance, if they say that you need to do a better job explaining the quote you chose, this is probably true in your other paragraphs and something to be on the lookout for as you write forward.

_____________________________________ Part 3 Assignment: Introduction and Body Paragraph

Please revise your introduction and body paragraph before submitting both here.

*Note: I have extended the deadline past our normal Sunday deadline to

Monday at 11:59 pm

so that everyone has adequate time to incorporate the suggestions from this week’s discussion.

______________________________________ Part 4 Assignment Research Update

Please update your works consulted and works cited list (the first is a list of all the works you look at/consult, the second is a list of only those you will cite/are citing in your paper).

Submit both lists here along with a brief summary of how your research essay is going. At this point, the research should be about complete and the writing should be getting started!

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