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Facing Population Growth
Do You think that population growth in some countries may have negative effects on the
entire world? Population increase is an issue that must be addressed for the world to achieve
efficiency. More births, lower mortality rates, more migration, unsustainable habitats, or resource
depletion can all contribute to a population explosion. It is vital to highlight that population
increase remains an issue that has to be addressed, especially with the issues associated with the
phenomenon in China, Indian and Africa. In an effort to stop this trend, China has decided to
prohibit families from having more than one child but it didn’t last long. One of the most
detrimental repercussions of the population boom on the world is the imbalance between
production and consumption, hence this problem needs to be addressed to reverse its bad effects
Population growth has to be mitigated based on the fact that its effects have negative effects on
our world, including a shortage of resources, a rise of poverty, and an increase in unemployment.
Lack of human resources is one of the effects associated with population growth. It is
vital to highlight that population growth leads to competition for resources, which leads to a
significant population missing the available resources (Mehta et al., 222). The increase in
population has become one of the problems that the peoples of the globe experience as
urbanization takes place at the expense of the remaining agricultural land, followed by a loss in
the per capita share of food and water resources. Thus, population growth is indeed an aspect that
needs to be addressed to ensure that there are enough resources for the population in the long
run. Critical human resources are vital for survival. Thus, population growth is an aspect that
needs to be mitigated to ensure that available resources can sustain a given population.
An increase in population leads to a rise in poverty. Africa is one of the countries with the
highest rates of poverty, resource scarcity, and population growth. It is vital to highlight that
increase in population increases scarcity. This significantly leads to an increase in dependency,
an aspect that increases poverty rates (Sen and Gita, 67). Is it not true that there is a lot of
poverty in the world when a middle-class family has roughly 5 or 6 children and cannot afford to
pay for all of their bills, let alone give them access to housing, health care, and a decent standard
of living? The limitation brought about by dependency is that individuals are not in a position to
save; thus no capital formation in the given society. Limiting capital formation in an economy
results in less capital formation, which raises dependency rates even more. A population
reduction would mean more resources and opportunities, thus reducing the dependency rates.
Thus, population growth increases overall dependency and poverty rates, an aspect that
necessitates addressing.
Moreover, a negative effect of population growth is elevated unemployment.
Unemployment is mainly attributed to the fact that an increase in population leads to the
availability of the requisite skills in the labor market (Kaseem et al., 92). this thus leads to the
government and other employers being unable to provide for the labor market. Because there are
more unemployed people due to population expansion, there is a rise in street crime and
violence. This prompts us to act in order to raise awareness of the significance of birth control. It
is thus necessary to ensure that in the long run, that population increase is mitigated, ensuring
that there are enough resources to ensure that a given community has enough opportunities in
line with the given population.
In conclusion, it is vital to highlight that population growth has several effects on society
that affected by this issue. It is thus crucial to ensure that measures have been adopted to ensure
that, in the long run, that population is reduced to mitigate the effects associated with its growth.
Population growth leads to competition for resources, increased poverty rates, and increased
unemployment levels. With measures being put in place, the various adverse effects will be
limited, ensuring better co-existence in society.
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