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hour agoCiara Week 3 Part ICOLLAPSEWithin the book, and through my own research I discovered the European System for the Protection of Human Rights and its monitoring institutions to be reliant on certain conventions on not only human rights, but fundamental freedoms as well. For this it would specifically deal with differing rights, which also reminded me of the International Bill of Human Rights, in a way for example with civil and political rights, which would also connect to monitoring institutions .The Helsinki Final Act, on the other hand, was an agreement signed by a plethora of nations brought an end to the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe. This was held in Helsinki, Finland. The varying Act addressed a multitude of prevalent global issues and  as a result had a major  impact on the Cold War and national relations. The issues expressed within the Helsinki Final Act were  divided into four. Through my research, the first covered territory,  political and military issues, borders, settlement in relation to disputes, etc. The second  focused on trading issues, and to be more general, economic power and cooperation.  The third truly highlighted  human rights, including freedoms, division of families, and culture. Lastly, the fourth emphasized implementation, as well as other meetings. Overall,  the Helsinki Final Act proved important at the end of the Cold War as it listed out exact acts.

CiaraWeek 3 Part IICOLLAPSEI was hoping to address Honduras’ human rights issues and solutions within my project. In researching this, I discovered that significan thuman rights issues include, “unlawful or arbitrary killings, including extrajudicial killings; torture and cases of cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment or punishment; harsh and life-threatening prison conditions; arbitrary arrest or detention; killings of and threats to media members by criminal elements; criminalization of libel, although no cases were reported; serious acts of corruption including by high level officials; lack of investigation of and accountability for violence against women; and threats and violence against indigenous, Afro-descendant communities, and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex persons.” I also found that, “ In January 2022, Xiomara Castro became the first female president of Honduras after winning the elections by a wide margin, promising to fight corruption and defend human rights. Impunity for human rights abuses remains the norm…Marred by corruption and abuse, the judiciary and police remain largely ineffective. In June 2020, a new criminal code came into effect. It included provisions that appeared aimed at reducing penalties for politicians linked to organized crime, by lowering sentences for corruption and related offenses. The new code also includes alternatives to detention for low-level crimes, including partial prison sentences and penalties that allow for conditional release. Impunity for human rights abuses, violent crime, and corruption remains the norm, even as the prison population has mushroomed.”

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