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In response to peers’ posts, compare your classmates’ observations with your own–are there any connections between the way you and your classmates interpret the relevance of art? If your interpretation about the relevance of art differs significantly from one of your classmates’ observations, how do you account for this variance? What can you learn from this?

Student1 Daniels
Studying art can teach us about the past, present and future because when looking at artwork
from the past, we are able to get an idea of what life was like then. We view past art by
looking at the colors, the materials being used, texture, and look for what the artwork is
trying to symbolize and this helps us learn and understand past events. Studying art will help
with the present and future because art teaches us how to express our thoughts, emotions, and
our own view of the world. We are able to show creativity with art by using our own ideas.
Importantly, we learn how cultures and society have an influence our perceptions. Society
does not always approve with artistic styles, but society has influenced on how art can be
created, viewed and criticized and that helps build the way people think. Having awareness of
how studying art teaches us about the past, present, and future, and the influence of society
has personally impacted my life because it has taught me what art can really do, how it
symbolizes things and how I can learn to find the message being shared within the artwork. I
think understanding how art taught me that it can be criticized from all time periods, and how
art can be expressed in so many different ways, has impacted me as well. It helps me
understand that a painting or sculpture has much more meaning behind it when you have the
understanding to piece apart that artwork and take the time to study it further.
Asifa Kainat
Hello everyone,
Studying the arts empowers one to understand different cultures, traditions, and many more.
It encourages us to understand the history and background of certain concepts. It gives us the
skills to think critically and to learn more about the development of certain things over time.
Learning about the different periods, artwork, and artists is very important to society because
it brings enlightenment about how much evolution and changes have occurred in human
personalities. It will be helpful for everyone in personal lives as well as professional. It also
teaches us about the values of certain things to certain people and how we should be
respecting them. In the professional aspect, it would make it easier for diverse people from
different cultures to be open to each other. It will enable them to respect, understand, and
accept the tradition, cultures, and backgrounds of each other. Studying the arts enable one to
be a better observer, creative and critical thinker. The skills learned through humanities form
a basis for understanding the human experience. The impact of arts is huge. Learning about
the history of things and how there is always a reason or story behind everything makes
people more open to different people and cultures.
Compare the above responses to “my” response below
Studying art has a monumental impact on individuals, cultures, and societies. We learn the
people’s ways in the past through art, even before language and the written word were
developed. Early people shared their lives and stories through art, such as cultural artifacts.
Therefore, the study of art is paramount in measuring the cultural sophistication of the time.
It is the art that a society gets a deeper understanding of their cultural history.
Art exists everywhere in individual lives and surpasses cultural, social, political, and
language barriers. It helps in bringing people together. Studying art allows individuals to
understand themselves as well as the world and, therefore, in the process, enrich their souls.
Without art such as paintings, literature, film, and music, the world would become dull,
meaningless, and desolate.
Human history is categorized depending on civilization advancement that is
characterized by scientific and artistic advancement. This shows a great future for art as
human societies continue to evolve. Art in the future will continue to creating thriving
societies that do not only understand their identities but also have flourishing cultures that
appreciate other cultures.
Studying art helps individuals develop and realize their identity and value. This is
crucial for aiding society members in achieving personal responsibility. Hence, studying art
brings about empathy, awareness, and appreciation of cultural diversities and views of others,
therefore a harmonious society. Art influences society by instilling values, changing opinions,
and fundamentally influences the sense of self.
Society’s culture defines the artist’s work. This culture provides the social context
through which artist work can be determined. Fundamentally, artwork produced reflects the
dominant culture of the society.
Realizing how artwork reflects the complexities of different cultures has helped me
appreciate my culture’s history and the advancement it has gone through. This has
significantly impacted my sense of identity and my confidence. Similarly, I have come to
appreciate people’s diversities, both in their culture and their views, instead of criticizing
them. Through the study of arts, I have realized a creative way to express my emotions and

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