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you need to write 5 paragraph essay, instruction attached below:

Service Learning Reflection Journal
Your journal is expected to be a 5-paragraph essay:
1. Introduction to include: day, time, location of service, name of the organization,
and details about the organization, including the purpose of the organization. IF
2. Description of the service, your role and skills you used while completing this
service, and why you choose this particular service learning experience.
3. Reflection of the service learning experience using 3 reflection questions provided
4. Connect service to UN Global Sustainability Goals, Catholic Social
Teaching, University Mission or your field of study.
5. Conclusion to include: what was learned and how you were impacted by this
service learning experience.
Service Learning Reflection Questions
Use those questions that are of interest to you or appropriate to your service to write your
journal entry. Note: do not type these questions verbatim into your journal. They are to be
used to guide your reflection and should be woven into the narrative of your journal.
1. What were your initial expectations about the service learning experience? Have
these expectations changed? How? Why?
2. How has the pandemic affected service learning experiences?
3. What affects do you suppose you have on the community or individual you
provided with the service?
4. What about your involvement was an eye-opening or surprising experience for
5. Explain how your view of the population with whom you worked has changed as
a result of your service.
6. What did you do that seemed to be effective or ineffective in the community?
7. What sorts of things made you feel uncomfortable when you were working with
the community?
8. What was the most difficult or satisfying part of the experience and why?
9. Describe any disappointments or successes related to your service experience.
10. How has your service experience affected your worldview?
11. Describe the benefits of engaging in service work.
12. How are the values of LRU expressed through service learning? What is the
relationship between the university’s values and your own?
Our world looks different now with COVID-19, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop making a
difference – in fact it’s needed now more than ever. Mission & Ministry is excited to let you
know about changes in our program that will help you make an impact from wherever you are,
whenever you can. We’ve gathered virtual, remote and skills-based volunteer opportunities that
you can participate in so that you can keep making a difference.
TechSoup Global
Become a Crisis Counsellor
The Prince’s Trust
Business Council for Peace Inc
For more great ideas, see the lists from:
Thrive Global
VolunteerMatch – an extensive list of volunteering, option to specify “virutal” in search filters
Points of Light – extensive list of virtual volunteer opportunities
Catchafire – matches volunteers to nonprofits based off skill sets and needs
Do Something – geared towards young people to get involved in making positive social change
United Nations Volunteers – international efforts toward sustainable human development
Help From Home – good for quick, ‘micro-volunteering’ opportunities for a shorter time frame
Zooniverse – help with historical transcripts, climate change, space exploration, and more

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