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FIN 316 – Business Research Methods
Term Paper
(Fall 2021)
Dr. Jim Shi
Global Business & Economics impacted by COVID-19
The infectious novel coronavirus, a.k.a. Covid-19, is
wreaking havoc on the global economy, with the
World Health Organization (WHO) having declared a
global pandemic on Mar. 11th 2020. The Wall Street
stock tumble officially pushed stocks into a bear
market; many countries have placed on a national
lockdown, and sections of the United States—such
as New Jersey, New York—are on quarantine,
lockdown and curfew as well. Major companies,
including Ikea, Starbucks, Apple, and Google, have closed, or slowed operations. Many others,
such as Amazon, Google, and Facebook, are asking workers to work from home. Amid the new
era of pandemic, the global supply chain has been entirely reshaped. It is a totally different time
of period.
The world’s economy and global supply chains
are facing a root-to-branch shutdown unlike any
seen in modern peacetime as efforts to contain
the coronavirus outbreak hit everything. While
gatherings of every kind, from schools to sports
events to Broadway shows, are being cancelled,
product shortages are being felt from high-tech
to pharmaceuticals. The ensuing economic and
social disruptions are massive, and global supply
chains are woefully unprepared for this
overwhelming challenge and threat.
The current pandemic has brought the criticality of supply-chain management as it unveils all the
weaknesses to the forefront, in addition to the known supply-chain vulnerabilities. For example,
the shortage of labor has hindered the sustainable production, manufacturing, logistics along
many other sectors. After all, the financial amounts tied up in the supply chain and global
business are staggering.
© MGMT 316: Business Research Methods @ Tuchman School Management of NJIT
Visualization of the COVID-19 Spread: As of Sep. 28th, 9:21am, 2021, Data Source: JHU-CSSE 1
Thanks to the spreading of vaccination, the pandemic has been gradually under control. Hence,
it opens a door to a fresh economics. Related to our course, please try to think about the
following questions:
Do you or anyone around you have any story with
Coronavirus? How does it impact your life? What have you
done to curb the spread?
What do you think the most impacted business by the
COVID? Please try to leverage data to support your opinion.
How do we address the challenge? In terms of business,
how do you think the best practice of business amid the
Covid-19 fear?
If you plan to start up your business in the new normalcy
of the post-pandemic, what sector would you like to do? Or if
you pursue your next career, what kind of adjustment would you like to make?
Term Paper Submission:
Based on your response of the above basic questions, please try your best to write up a 4-5
pages of report (of the standard A11 size, double space with fond size 12). In your report,
please pay attention to:
a) Data and Insight: please refer or cite data as much and relevant as possible. For
example, you may refer to JHU-CSSE or
b) Figures (not too many) will be preferred in the report.
c) Please make sure that the submitted file is titled with your name and identification.
COVID-19 Dashboard, by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University (JHU);
© MGMT 316: Business Research Methods @ Tuchman School Management of NJIT

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