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Running head: REFLECTION
A reflection on the journey undertaken through the management course shows that it has
been insightful, intriguing, and a great learning experience. Studying through the diverse topics
covered in the study has been eye-opening as it introduced various concepts of management and
provided information that is essential to master to successfully pursue a business venture. In this
paper, i will undertake a reflection on the course as a whole highlighting the interesting topics,
those that were not, and potential ways I could alter the presentation of this course if I was the
First of all, a look at the course shows that while all the information that was presented as
part of the study provided a great learning experience, some topics were more interesting than
others. For example, one of the topics that I found to be very interesting was the topic of ethics
and social responsibility. Through this topic, we were able to look at the interesting concepts that
organizations have to deal with as they operate in the marketplace and those that regulate and
inform their operation. We were able to compare and contrast laws that govern the operations of
a business with the ethics that they adhere to. It was interesting to note that while laws carry
legal consequences, it was also important for businesses to strictly adhere to ethics in their
operations since they go beyond the requirements of the law and place higher standards on the
firm. Further, adherence to ethics emerged to be essential because these elements had a
significant implication on the firm and its wellbeing. Therefore, while the firm might not face the
same legal consequences that come with breaking the law, the impact of being unethical was farreaching and could destroy the operations and well-being of the firm. Still, under this topic, we
learned the interesting lesson of corporate social responsibility, sustainable practices, the
different ways that organizations go about achieving these goals and objectives, and the impact
that they have on the firm.
Another interesting topic was starting a business which was instrumental in shedding
light on the diverse forms of business ownership, the forms that each took, and what made one
better than the other. The topic was interesting because it provided insight that would come in
handy when determining the type of business to set up when establishing a private venture.
The topic of management was also greatly interesting and insightful. Through the study
of the topic, I was able to learn about the issue of leadership in an organization and the different
styles of leadership that these leaders adopted. It was interesting to learn these concepts and
relate them to the business world and see these styles in operations. For example, as we studied
the topic, it was interesting to learn about the autocratic style of leadership and through my
mind’s eye identify a business person or leader that I see demonstrating the characteristics of this
leadership style. Further, the topic made it possible to also take a personal inventory and identify
the type of leadership style that I embodied and how I could work to enhance my approach to
leadership. One of the important lessons that I learned from this topic is the fact that no
leadership is the most effective. However, leaders can be effective by having a leadership style
that is suited to the situation at hand and their approach has an impact on the morale of their
Still, in line with management, I was also able to learn interesting lessons from the
subtopic of motivation. As a person who is interested in the field of management and would one
day like to manage my own business, I was able to learn the important role that motivation plays
in an organization. I was able to learn that the productivity of a firm is influenced by the
motivation of the employees. Further, I learned that organizations that did not motivate their
employee experienced high levels of turnover, and their customers were dissatisfied. I was also
able to learn the diverse ways that organizations can work to motivate their employees namely
through intrinsic and extrinsic approaches. The lesson through the different theories of
motivation from Taylorism, Hawthorne studies, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory, and
Herzberg’s 2-factor theory was interesting in providing insight into the different ways that
motivation has been perceived by different scholars at different times providing a well-rounded
view of how to ensure that employees are properly motivated.
It was also interesting to learn about the different levels of management within an
organization focusing on the top, middle level, and supervisory management. It was interesting
to learn how these management levels operate and perform their task. The information was
interesting in that it was insightful on how to best organize the management of an organization to
ensure that everything is operating properly and flowing smoothly. Further, I was also able to
learn about the different types of skills that are needed in management namely technical skills
which focus on task performance, skills in human relations which are people-focused and
conceptual skills which entail visualizing the organization as a whole and its operations and
making the necessary decisions.
The topic of human resource management was also interesting as it brought to the fore
things that a human resource manager needs to know such as the legal environment which
informs human resource practices and operations. It was interesting to note the different
legislations that have been enacted to inform the practice of human resources and how essential
it is to know them to avoid breaking the law. Some of the examples that stood out for me as a
potential future entrepreneur were the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and
its diverse requirements. I was also able to learn the different steps that are part of the human
resource planning process such as the assessment of the future, demand, and supply of human
resources as well as preparing the human resource strategically. The lesson was also interesting
since it highlighted the different things that are carried out in the process of human resource
planning such as preparing the inventory, job analysis preparation, job specification, and a
description of the job.
The other topic that I found to be informative and quite interesting was the concept of the
market. As an avid consumer of media, I often encounter different forms of advertisements that
have been developed by companies to target their potential market and capture their attention. As
such, I was quite intrigued with the topic of marketing as it shed light on the way companies
engage in product development, logistics and distribution, pricing, and most interestingly
promotional strategies. I was able to learn and identify these strategies in the marketplace,
particularly those that I have encountered ad found to be effective.
It was also interesting to have a portion to consider my future. As we went through the
topic, I critically examined my life and thought about the business I would like to engage in,
developing a roadmap for my career, and how I would go about finding my element.
However, even as went through the course, there were some topics that I found not to be
quite as interesting. For example, one of the topics that I had a challenge with was accounting
and financial management. Through this topic, we were able to look at issues such as contrasting
financial management and counting, the components that are fundamental to an accounting
equation, financial management, financial statements, and the different types of funding. The
topic was not as interesting given that it was both technical and cumbersome. While the
information that it shared was vital for the everyday operations of the business, it was not
Another topic that was also cumbersome was financial institutions and markets that
looked at market securities, the banking system and financial institutions, investments, and the
supply of money. Similarly, the topic of economics and the global economy was also not very
exciting as it focused on the global economy, the economic system, and the principles which
guide micro and macroeconomics.
All in all, I found the course to be insightful and well executed. The material provided
for the course was able to ease the process of learning and make it easier to comprehend. While I
found the course delivery to be properly handled, I would try something different as an
instructor. To ensure that the students actively participated in the course, I would not take the
lead in going through the material. Instead, I would distribute the topics of the course to groups
of students at the beginning of the semester and have each group take the lead in sharing the
topic with their peers. Each class session would be dedicated to a team that would tackle a topic
and makes it as practical as possible and I would be available to provide insight and direction on
challenging concepts. The other student would be required to pay attention and contribute to the
discussion through questions and answers.

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