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The report say must adhere to standard academic documentation standards, to address the
subject satisfactorily, a typed format is mandatory with the following requirements:
Font Type: Times New Roman
Font Size: 12 pts
Line Spacing: 1.5-line spacing
Paragraph : Justify
The assignment is to be submitted as a single written report.
Cases of plagiarism will be penalized. 15%
Journal/articles citation is COMPULSORY to support your argument and the word
limit to 2,300 – 2700 words. At least 10 journals/articles and books required using APA
referencing from credible sources. In addition, may include online sources at minimal.
An advice on report quality are as following:
Students are encouraged to be inquisitive and innovative in their approach as to what
should be included in this report.Please avoid relying too heavily on descriptive sections
reproducing information available from course material or the set text. It is your own
logical, evaluation of the situation, the interpretation of course material and presentation,
with critical analysis, of a coherentstrategic plan that will attract high marks
Written report
Assessment Criteria
Weight Marks
Clarity & Content
Development (Innovation & Creativity)
Language – appropriate application of grammar and sentence structure
Conclusion – a conclusion which draws application from the foregoing
and summaries the main purpose of the discussion
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Assignment Assessment Criteria
To address the subject satisfactorily, a typed format is mandatory. Pass assignments are
expected to be legible, tidy, well organized and written in clear understandable English.
High grades (70%, 75%, +80%) need to demonstrate sustained coherent analytical ability.
A systematic approach to analysis and evaluation is required for grades 60% to 85%, for
grades at the higher end of the scale, integration and synthesis is a requirement. The quality
of the arguments used to develop and support prescriptions/recommendations are the
essential test of integration.
Evidence of reading and some understanding of models and concepts are needed to achieve
a pass grade (50%). Integration of theory and practice is expected for any grade above
You are expected to clearly state any assumptions you make and support statements and
theories by referencing to appropriate sources. (This is essential for higher grades but does
not necessarily prejudice a pass mark (50%) if it is missing).
Description of performance level
80% – 100%
Well-developed and highly engaging introduction. Contains a clear purpose statement,
brief but highly relevant background information and clearly defines the report’s scope
and aims. Good evidence of personal opinion and interpretation of data. Well considered
findings and arguments with well-developed findings. Evidence of research – relevant
supporting evidence/ illustrative examples and factual material from a range of credible
sources underpin and strengthen all main arguments.
60% – 79%
Well-developed introduction. Relevant background information that clearly establishes
the topic context. Accurate definition of key terms. Overall organisation of all main ideas
to be analysed in the body of the essay are outlined.
Fairly structured, clear summary of most main ideas presented and most of the main
connections between them. Logical conclusions that demonstrate clear links with the
essay’s focus and the evidence in the body of the essay. Good analysis of the issues of the
company, and the reasons for its failure.
Adequate introduction establishes the topic but lacks detail and /or some information is
irrelevant. Not all key terms are defined or defined clearly. Definitions may lack
detail/accuracy. Overall organisation of ideas analysed in the body of the essay is
adequate; however, some important ideas are not included or not expressed clearly.
40% – 59%
Adequate summary of most of the main ideas presented. Adequate but limited reference
to the connections between these ideas. Logical but limited conclusions that demonstrate
adequate but limited links with the essay’s focus or the evidence presented in the body of
the review.
Background information is insufficient to adequately establish the topic context /
irrelevant / inaccurate / unclear. Key terms are not defined or are defined incorrectly.
There is no discernible outline of the main ideas for analysis or it is unclear.
Below 40%
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No discernible summary of the main ideas presented or it is ill-defined. No or ill-defined
reference to the connections between the main ideas presented. Insufficient or no logical
conclusions. No or an inadequate link/s to the essay’s focus and the evidence in the body
of the document
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Choose only ONE (1) topics of emerging technologies given below:
1. Blockchain Technology
2. Digital Payment System/ Electronic Payment System/e-Wallet
3. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning
4. Digitalization of banking system
Explain on following from any relevant case studies or journals or articles:
The application of the technology in an organization
(20 marks)
Impacts of the emerging technologies on accounting, auditing, taxation and financial
(40 marks)
Challenges and opportunities face by company in adapting the technologies.
(40 marks)
(Grand Total: 100 marks)
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