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Hello! in this case i need to do a homework from my first aid class and i really need a good grade to pass. Basically the proffesor is giving us some videos and based on different escenarios we have to answer what should we do in that moment.

Homewrok 1.

These are the videos to asnwer the scenarios:

Scenario 1: A coworker’s young son, playing outside, falls and gets a nasty scrape on his palm. The bleeding soon stops by itself, but the wound is full of dirt. Describe the steps to take with this wound.

Scenario 2: A carpenter at your worksite is using a nail gun to install new siding. As he is putting the tool down, it fires and a nail is shot into the calf muscle of his leg. You cut open his pants leg and see the head of the nail sticking out about an inch, with bleeding around the nail. How do you care for this wound?

Scenario 3: the rear bumper of a truck backing up to the loading dock strikes a man’s leg above the knee, knocking him down. The man is yelling with pain, and his leg looks twisted and distorted above the knee. By the time you reach him he has become quiet and seems confused about what happened. He is sweating but his skin is cool and clammy. What should you do?

Homework 2

Scenario 1: An employee riding his bicycle to work hits a pothole as he enters the parking lot, loses control and swerves into the path of a moving pickup truck. The truck’s bumper strikes his leg below the knee. By the time you reach the scene, the victim has been helped into a position lying down. He is responsive but in significant pain. You carefully cut open his pants leg and see an open wound that is bleeding, in which you can see the end of a broken bone. Describe what care to give.

Scenario 2: While using a long pole to sweep leaves from a low roof, your neighbor twists her arm. She says her elbow gurts, but she can move it. There is some swelling, but no distortion suggesting a fracture or serious sprain. What care do you give?

Scenario 3: A worker has been carrying heavy equipment and supplies all morning to a construction site, and he now stumbles and falls. He says the muscle in his leg is “all cramped up” and really hurts when he walks on that leg. You see no sign of a fracture or other serious injury. What should you do?

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