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🚩 1.All students must have adequate writing skills to communicate content in a professional and

concise manner. Students must follow Chicago guidelines, use non-racist and non-sexist

language, and include sufficient references to support their thesis and ideas.

Required Text:William Duiker, Contemporary World History, 7th EditionISBN-13: 978-0357364864

ISBN-10: 03573648642

🚩 2.


Analysis of “Japan’s Justification for Expansion” [10 pts]

Use the textbook page 144 to answer these questions.


: Who wrote this and when? What was happening in Japan or around the world when he wrote it? [3 pts]


: who was meant to see this? Why do you think that? [2 pts]


: how does this document indicate pressures for industrializing nations and imperialist aspirations? [2 pts]


: why did the military leader write this book? [1 pt]

Environmental history

: do you see evidence of how humans affected the environment? how the environment affected humans? how humans’ ideas about nature (such as view of disease, hygiene, pollution, the built environment, energy) affected their treatment of it? Take a quote from the document and describe which pillar it illustrates. [2 pts]

🚩 3. read textbook chapter 6 Post:

Discussion Board “Ideology and the Environment” [13 points]

How did the First World War affect the behavior of political leaders in Europe, America, and Asia leading up to World War Two? [3 pts]

What do you think were the most significant changes in people’s relationships to each other and to the government change during the war? Compare changes two countries and cite examples from the textbook [Duiker page #] [4]

Do you think that warfare or wartime administration affected the environment in Europe or Asia more? Consider military engagement (fighting/bombing) versus exploitation of nature for wartime production in your answers. [4 pts]

Once you post: Find

one classmate

who brought up a different point for the second and third questions. Share your evidence and respond to your classmate’s post (what you learned from it, disagree with, understood differently) [2 pts]

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