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ssignment Instructions

As per the overview, this letter is to accompany your survey request. It is a survey cover letter as it is customary for a survey to have some sort of introduction for the audience. This is what you are preparing: a survey cover letter.

Purpose of a survey cover letter

You need to orient your audience. Let them understand what the purpose of the survey is, what are the expected outcomes, and about how long it should take. Remember that you are always working and communicating with your audience in mind.

Sample Survey Cover letter
Dear Participant:
My name is and I am a graduate student at Central Michigan University. For my final project, I am
examining . Because you are , I am inviting you to participate in this research study by
completing the attached surveys.
The following questionnaire will require approximately to complete. There is no compensation for
responding nor is there any known risk. In order to ensure that all information will remain confidential, please do not
include your name. Copies of the project will be provided to my Central Michigan University instructor and to . If you choose to participate in
this project, please answer all questions as honestly as possible and return the completed questionnaires promptly . Participation
is strictly voluntary and you may refuse to participate at any time.
Thank you for taking the time to assist me in my educational endeavors. The data collected will provide useful information
regarding . If you would like a summary copy of this study please
complete and detach the Request for Information Form and return it to me in a separate envelope. Completion and return
of the questionnaire will indicate your willingness to participate in this study. If you require additional information or have
questions, please contact me at the number listed below.
If you are not satisfied with the manner in which this study is being conducted, you may report (anonymously if you so
choose) any complaints to the
(Student’s Name)
(Student Phone Number and/or e-mail address)
(Instructor’s Name)
(Instructor’s Phone Number and/or e-mail address)
Detach here
(This request for information form is an optional part of the cover letter and is not required for IRB approval.)
Request for Information
Please send a copy of the study results to the address listed below.
Please do not return this form with your survey. Return to:
(Group 10)
Joseph Dorsey
Franz Bedoya
Faisal Alsurayhi
Jaime Bolin
Christian Trujilo
Interview with Miami FC Soccer Sports Director
Interviewer (Joseph Dorsey)
Interviewee (Wagneau Eloi) Miami FC Soccer Sports Director
Joe Dorsey (Interviewer): Hello Mr. Eloi nice to meet you so glad you could take your time to
answer some questions about this great organization. First question of the day for you is,
How does it feel being a part of the Miami FC Soccer team organization?
Wagneau Eloi (Interviewee): Hello Mr. Dorsey thank you for having me. This organization is
one the greatest things that has happened in my life first & foremost the best feeling is it feels
like a family more than a job when coming to work with head coach Julian Pedraza & president
Ravy Truchot. Once you find an organization that’s professional, but family oriented at the
same time you know you have chosen the right team.
Joe Dorsey (Interviewer): That is great I have always felt an organization in sports is only
successful as how much respect & care each coach, trainer, president & sports director has for
one another.
My next question is, what separates this organization from any other USL (United Soccer
League) Team?
Wagneau Eloi (Interviewee): The thing that separates this team from any other USL team is I
think first & foremost is its located in Miami a top 5 tourist spot by most accounts in the USA
and the world itself. So that should intrigue many up incoming players to want to get signed by
Miami FC and fans from across the world to travel & catch a game while touring such an
amazing city. It’s a different atmosphere playing in Miami and as a sports director a great way
to market & recruit the next biggest soccer icon or an icon in his last playing years trying to play
his last years in a great city such as Miami. The venue & city around it is what separates our
organization in my eyes.
Joe Dorsey (Interviewer): I completely agree with your statement & see why Miami FC is
starting to build up more hype as a team in the USL, Miami & its great activities for sure help’s
reel in large fan attendance especially after this whole pandemic is dealt with.
My next question kind of builds off your last answer to my previous question regarding an icon
in his last playing years or any icon in general. If you could have one superstar from the USL or
any international soccer teams across the world to join Miami FC who would it be & why?
Wagneau Eloi (Interviewee): That is a great question my staff & I constantly have that
discussion during our lunch breaks. Me personally I would love to have Cristiano Ronaldo come
to Miami FC in his last playing years. That would be an amazing moment for this franchise since
not only is he a top 3 soccer player of all time, it would also take our organization to new
heights by bringing the biggest fanbase this organization would ever see by just one huge
superstar name like Cristiano Ronaldo. I also feel why wouldn’t Ronaldo want to retire
anywhere else, being Miami has great vacation homes & a luxurious lifestyle with great
weather that I feel any superstar & his family would be happy with.
Joe Dorsey (Interviewer): Ronaldo in Miami would be a huge gamechanger & I myself have
heard rumors that he would actually consider it. I am sure you have some Messi fans in your
office who would rather that player come instead.
Anyways my last two questions for you Mr. Eloi is how does the communication between the
staff work?
& lastly who leads the organization & makes the biggest decisions in the organization?
Wagneau Eloi (Interviewee): The communication in this organization at Miami FC soccer is as
follows it starts with our front office by the name of Michael Williamson who is the Chief
Executive Officer who came from a successful tenure with Inter Milan (club team) he has a staff
which he works with from director of operations Daniel Metrie to the organizations operations
manager being Vanessa Ramos. It then trickles down to more team oriented tasks like
organized practices, meetings, injury reports, game plans & player signings with me & my
technical staff being president Ravy Truchot, Honorary President Alan Truchot & head coach
Julian Pedraza & his head coach assistant Leonardo Colmenares.
The person who leads the organization & makes the biggest decisions is of course the owner
Ricardo Silva who found the club back in 2015. Silva creates the organization’s vision which is
then brought to life by the front office & coaching staff. His vision is constantly being tweaked
to make the organization better & he expects the utmost out of his staff, which is why this club
has been able to win an astounding five trophies in its three-year existence.
Joe Dorsey (Interviewer): Wow I see why this organization has become so successful in its early
stages and why everybody that I talk about Miami FC soccer is extremely excited because not
only is the team getting better but the level of communication seems to be just about flawless.
Thank you for your time Mr. Eloi wish your team nothing but success and blessings, enjoy your

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