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Please respond to discussion below using APA 7th edition, 3 references dated less than 4 years, and 1 interactive question.Pediatric medical issues are critical in nature as they need prompt treatment. Pediatric issues are different from the rest of the population as most of these patients are unable to tell their condition, and it is the test of a physician or nurse practitioner to appropriately diagnose the issue. Prompt diagnosis is necessary, and sometimes, it has to be made in less than a minute, particularly in emergency situations (Griffin et al., 2022). It is because the diagnosis and administration of treatment are done late, that it can result in severe damage and even death.

Clinical shift rotations are somewhat difficult to handle as they may affect the daily routine of a person, and it is very important to maintain attention and focus while treating patients. As nurse practitioners and physicians, we must go through rigorous training and education to do so, yet still errors may occur, and they can be deadly. However, many errors tend to happen in dosage. Overall, these errors cost around $77 billion a year, and almost 1.5 million are preventable errors if appropriate care had been taken (Rosa et al., 2019). A lot of pediatric patients parents/guardians have come into the clinic, and they do not know what medicines they have given to their children so it is difficult to look for the possible interactions that could happen with the drugs administered.

Another important aspect is the dosage issue and errors tend to happen in this area. The dose can be either prescribed high or low, yet the dosage should be given to children based on the severity of the disease and the physical conditions (Tariq et al., 2018). It is important to consider weight, yet in some cases, the vitals can be missed. It is important to follow these protocols as they may look simple but are effective in reducing the onset of dosage-related medical errors. Computerized systems may help in reducing these errors but it can be difficult to apply them in an acute care setting.

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