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Professional SWOT Analysis (5 pages in length)

When you conduct a SWOT analysis, you are looking for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. SWOT analyses can be completed for a variety of reasons such as deciding to launch your own business, comparing a company to the competition, making important decisions about what job to pursue, etc. For this assignment, you are going to write a self-reflective SWOT analysis about where you stand as a professional today.

My recommendation is to create a Word Document with four sections. One way to accomplish the set-up is to make a 2×2 table in Word (see example below). You will create a heading for each section: one will be labeled “strengths,” one will be labeled “weaknesses,” one will be labeled “opportunities,” and one will be labeled “threats.”

Then, write a substantive reflection/analysis about your SWOT analysis. Take time to really reflect. The more self-awareness that you have as a professional, the more likely you are to make informed decisions and advance. When looking at each section, here are some topics for consideration:

Career goals

Knowledge of your field of interest

Trends in your field of interest

Promotions and/or competition

Managing your career

Your bosses and co-workers

Navigating office politics

Intercultural competencies

Pursuing an international career

SWOT Analysis
1. Favorable amount of professional experience
in chosen field.
2. Can mesh well in different environments with
people who hold diverse backgrounds
3. Ability to work under pressure and meet
4. Communication is key
5. Ability to take initiative
1. Completing a Bachelor’s degree within the
next year
2. New position at UMD opens avenues to new
network of work community
3. Substantial salary increase upon completion
of BA
4. Gather more invaluable work experience
1. Currently lacking a bachelor’s degree.
1. Considerable amount of turnover in my
Swot Analysis
One of greatest strengths professionally at the moment is the amount of work experience I hold
in my field. I have interned and worked in a full time capacity at 3 different major/mid major
collegiate football programs. (University of Florida, Florida International University, and
University of Maryland) This experience has been invaluable and is extremely sought after in
this line of work.
Another one of my strength’s would be my ability to work well with a diverse group of people
from different backgrounds. I tend to thrive socially in a professional environment where
individuals hold various cultural experiences.
My 3rd greatest strength would be my ability to work under pressure. The football working
environment requires individuals to work long strenuous hours during the season especially
under a great deal of stress and pressure. I have had success under these conditions and have
learned how to balance the at times mentally rigorous working conditions.
My communication skills in my current workplace would definitely be considered a strength. I
do have a desirable ability to communicate problems and solutions. This ability has propelled
me as a forward thinker and one who can be trusted.
Lastly, a great strength of mine is my ability to take initiative in the workplace. My fellow
coworkers know I am not one to sit around and just wait for the direction of a supervisor. I am
constantly looking ahead and for situations where I can help improve our circumstances. If I am
given a task, my peers know it will get done and be done to a high standard.
This year I have the opportunity to complete a BA degree within a year’s time. This
achievement will be instrumental in the advancement of my career.
I have just started a new position at the University of Maryland. This new position will be a
great chance to open a whole new professional network as well as an opportunity to grow
myself professionally in my field.
Upon the completion of my BA degree, I will have the opportunity to obtain a substantial pay
increase. This will be extremely important for myself moving forward in the present and future
of my career.
I will also have the opportunity this year to gain yet another year of critical work experience.

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