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Brand Analysis Writing Assignment
Throughout the duration of this course, I have been able to comprehend the various
concepts that are involved within consumer behavior. These concepts range from what drives
consumers to purchase a product to what marketing techniques brands use in order to drive
consumers in. Therefore, the brand that I have decided to evaluate what marketing techniques are
used to correlate with consumer behavior is Nike.
When you think of Nike, what comes to mind? For me, I think of their famous tagline:
“Just do it”. Thus, this tagline has not only been able to help this brand differentiate themselves
from their competitors, but has also allowed them to continue being one of the highest, leading
competitors in sportswear. Additionally, Nike has also been known to use various target
segments that have enabled them to stay relevant and on top for the past few decades. These
include behavioral, demographic, and psychographic segmentations. The first segmentation,
behavioral segmentation, has allowed Nike to be able to create an affinitive brand with loyal
consumers through social media advertisements, as well as through personalized emails. Any
engagements through these platforms allow the brand to retarget their consumers through other
outlets. Second, through demographic segmentation, this brand contains a mix of males and
females that range from the ages of 11-55 years old. Although there is an immense range of
consumers, they usually target their middle-aged audience who possess disposable income and
attempt to create a strong bond with their younger audiences to ensure that they would continue
using this brand for years to come. Lastly, psychographic segmentation, has been Nike’s most
important segmentation for their brand. Everyone who views the infamous, check symbol
instantly views the meaning behind the brand. Consequently, this allows consumers to create an
emotional connection to Nike, as well as allow them to believe that they can achieve anything
that they put their mind to.
Moreover, there are other marketing aspects that focus on building a certain brand’s
identification. Hence, brand personality is another aspect in marketing that is crucial to the
development and maintenance of a formidable brand. This term answers the question: “If your
brand was a person, how would you describe him or her?” According to Ebaqdesign’s website,
Nike’s brand personality is defined as excitement. The reasoning behind why this personality
trait is attached to this brand is because of its other personalities surrounding this brand, such as
the involvement of an active lifestyle and their inspirational background. Additionally, role
theory is also a major part of Nike’s identification. During the start of Nike, its role theory was
simply to serve athletes. Since then, they have expanded their role theory to portray to its
consumers that anyone can become athletic or contain an athleticism mindset if they use their
products. There are also involved in B2B marketing since they distribute many of their products
to other retailers such as Dick’s Sporting Goods and Footlocker.
In addition to a company’s personality and identification, companies must be able to
communicate with their consumers to not only adhere to their needs, but to also view any
changes that need to be made. As previously mentioned, while Nike can communicate through
social media platforms and personalized emails, they also have a YouTube channel to post
videos in order to provide exposure for their brand, generate sales, and provide an emotional
response for their consumers. In regard to, how this entity deals with customer complaints,
Nike’s customer service department and headquarters both have phone numbers that consumers
can use. This brand also has sustainable processes by using eco-friendly materials, such as
recycled cotton, polyester, and organic materials. Even though they have these processes in
place, they have a long road ahead before they can truly be named as a sustainable brand. While
attempting towards this title, they have also been working towards strengthening their reputation
through past, negative allegations. In 2017, Nike took a significant step backwards. The
International Labor Rights Forum revealed that the business had abandoned its commitment to
the Worker Rights Consortium (WRC). This action effectively prevented labor rights experts
from independently inspecting the factories that supply Nike. However, in 2021, Nike scored
between 51 to 60 percent on the Fashion Transparency Index, which were in the same range as
the previous year. Thus, indicating that it had resumed its upward trend since then.
In short, there are various concepts that are involved within consumer behavior.
Therefore, I was able to analyze these marketing concepts that are involved in a particular brand,
and I chose Nike. What I have learned is that Nike has been able to target various markets in
order to develop a reputable, personal brand. These techniques must be used to not only generate
profitable revenue for the brand, but to also adhere to the needs and interests of the consumers.
Therefore, in order for Nike, or any other brand to remain on top, they must be willing to avoid
negative allegations and make the necessary changes when needed.
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Nike Target Market Segmentation – Customer Analysis & Marketing Goals for 2022

Graphics and photos in relation to Nike and their marketing techniques:
Yankee Candle Brand Analysis
Yankee candles started as a simple Christmas gift when a seventeen-year-old
melted crayons into a candle for his mom. He then starts making candles with
fragrances for the purpose of gift giving. Yankee candles has been around since 1969
and is a commonly known candle company. Yankee is known for their candles. Yankee
Candles now holds 100+ fragrances. They have widened their products to not just
candles, but other home and car fragrance products as well as candle accessories.
Yankee’s main focus is to have “long-lasting scents that will help your house feel like
home” (Yankee Candles, 2022).
Yankee candles specializes in solely candle fragrances. They promise to offer a
variety of fragrances and focus on customer enjoyment of those fragrances. That being
said there are many different places where you can purchase Yankee candle. They
offer their services online as well as their own retail stores. They also have their
products in other stores such as Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, etc. They tend to
target towards women with families or women who just want a good smelling house.
The age range for who may buy candles is wide. People tend to have a certain
time/event where they may light a candle, whether it’s for relaxation, a nice dinner,
having guests over, or even working. Candles also sell really well during the holidays.
There are certain scents that go with certain holidays and people love having their
houses smell like that particular holiday during that time. Now as we all know not
everyone will always be happy with every product they receive as well as there are
sometimes product deficiencies. To contact Yankee Candles customer service one can
either write, call, visit the store, or contact them online. There is a certain situation
Yankee candle has faced where they didn’t make a section of their website accessible
to individuals who are visually impaired or blind. There was another lawsuit they faced
over the company allegedly selling customers personal information to a third-party data
mining companies.
Yankee candle has a specialized page that focuses on ideas and diy projects for
candle care, table set ups, upcycling, etc. They also show that their products are easily
recyclable. You simply just have to remove the wax and make sure the lids aren’t
included and you’re able to recycle your candle jar. They also provide more sustainable
packaging and products. They focus on minimizing waste to help protect the
environment. Allowing for upcycling and all of the ideas Yankee Candle includes on
their page helps to increase consumer experience. Overall, Yankee Candle does a
good job at marketing the way they need to and does their best to get their customers
the best experience out there.
Predicted Candle sales market. When covid hit they weren’t selling as well (as
everything else). However, they’re predicted to go up within the next few years.
Glowing Lanterns: An idea of upcycling candle jars from Yankee candles. An idea to
reuse your candle jars.
Edwards, J. A. (2022, April 8). Yankee Candle Class Action Alleges website design
denies equal access to blind, visually impaired. Top Class Actions. Retrieved July
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