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Read question 5-18 on page 173 in the book.  (See below)  Then select a product you would have high involvement with.  Propose a spectacle you could design that would attract potential customers to learn more about your product.

1- (TERE)
Motivation makes an individual behave in a specific manner to satisfy a particular need. The
forces that make an individual buy a particular product make them deeply committed to that
product (Michael, 2022). In most cases, people do not realize the force that drives them towards
a certain product and forego the other. I would have high involvement in taking veggies. This will
help me reduce the excess amount of fat in the body. It is also a product that is environmentally
friendly in regards to the environment and climate concerns. Although most parts of North
America have a negative public image, being a vegetarian means taking a healthy lifestyle.
Every action an individual takes must have a reason for it. From a marketing perspective, the
goal of marketers is to satisfy the customers’ needs, and there is a task of identifying those
customer needs. A need creates tension that makes a consumer have an effort to meet or
eliminate it (Michael, 2022).
Although the consumers that choose vegetarian diets are a small group, there are ways of
promoting this diet to attract more people to this product. However, the demand for a plantbased diet has increased due to the COVID 19 pandemic. To attract potential customers to
learn about vegetarianism, I would first introduce a campaign of ‘no meat Friday.’ It will draw the
attention of various people to discover why there is no meat and therefore get a chance to learn
more about the product. A second way is providing free samples of the vegetarian diet in
restaurants to taste whether it is a delicious meal to erase the negative public image of
vegetarians. Lastly is starting a vegetarian on social media platforms such as Facebook,
Instagram, and Twitter. By doing so, many people will learn about the product and get motivated
to try it once in a while.
A product that I would have high involvement with is Beats Headphones. I think a really cool and
unique spectacle they can create would be a silent disco at a nightclub. The headphones that
everyone would be wearing is the Beats wireless headphones and it would show off the product
without needing to do much. It’s an event that is friendly to those with autism and it brings
people together in a fun and special way. Also, it would advertise the brand by showing the
headphones’ noise cancelling abilities and the clarity of the sound. They could revolve the entire
event around the brand and feature those headphones with the use of a DJ and special
beverages that relate to the brand. I think this kind of spectacle would be extremely memorable
and successful.

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