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Stress has been connected to an increasing number of mental and physiological illnesses as research progresses (APNA, 2022). While coping with stress is unavoidable, how we cope with it has a significant influence on our lives. School stress can negatively affect students of all ages and backgrounds, just as it does everyone else (AACAP, 2019). According to the American Psychological Association, stress for youngsters can stem from several factors, including not doing well in school, creating and maintaining friendships, and handling perceived demands from their parents, teachers, or coaches. Here, such stress may develop into disorders like anxiety and depression if it goes unaddressed. In certain situations, the repercussions of stress might be more destructive to pupils than the stress itself, which in the worst-case scenario could lead to being suicidal (as in Jacob’s case).

Counseling/support group therapy

Talking with trusted people/peers about difficult events can help kids and teenagers put things in perspective and discover solutions (APNA, 2022). As a result, cultivating such a culture through a program in which pupils/students are educated on the need of sharing and identifying their difficulties and triggers may aid stress management and its support. This might be accomplished by developing a counseling/support group therapy program and enrolling students in it. Given that academic/background demands are one of the key stressors for this population, such groups can be an effective approach to lowering stress in teens by assisting youngsters in discovering new ways to cope with stress and anxiety, as well as overcoming academic challenges (AACAP, 2019).

For instance, in the program, counselors coordinate (to support or facilitate) students in identifying their emotional concerns and learning from others who have been affected by stress, while also clarifying why things have gotten out of hand. As such, counselors may be able to help kids better understand their anxiety and stress reactions by acting as mental health professionals through these support programs (APNA, 2022). i.e Such programs may make it easier to identify a person’s causal issues and establish suitable coping techniques. In Jacob’s case, students through such a program may learn that suicide is an inappropriate choice since a person can discover other ways to solve his or her situation.


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