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1-How are cultures exchanged between different locations? Describe three ways in which cultural

exchanges can occur and provide an example for each method (examples can be from different

regions). Also, please state if your examples are positive or negative interactions and why.

2-Why is colonialism an important factor in global regional development? What are some aspects

that made certain regions attractive or accessible to European empires? In your response, describe

the impacts of colonization on three of the following aspects and provide a specific example for

each impact: population, cultural, political, or economic.

3- Identify and describe three reasons failed states might be a concern to the surrounding region.

Describe an example of a failed state that exists in the world today.

4- Identify and describe three aspects that can affect governance or political administration of a

region. Briefly describe one example of a region that exists in the world today where such aspects

might be challenging.

5- What is a diversified economy? Why is this important for regional development? In your response,

discuss an example of a region with diverse economic activity and a region that does not have diverse economic activity.

6- What is the difference between economic growth and economic development? Why is this distinction important? Be sure to define what each term is within your response.

7-Describe the difference between ethnocentrism and xenophobia. Identify a region where an

ethnic-based conflict occurred and briefly describe that conflict.

8- What is “human capital” and why is it important for economic development?

9- Identify the four main industry sectors and briefly describe or give examples of the types of activity

found within each one.

10- What is FDI? Identify one region where foreign investment has had a notable impact on its development. Describe how that investment has affected that region’s development.

11- List three ways socioeconomic status can affect regional development. Identify a region(s) where

socioeconomic status is having a negative impact on the region’s future development.

12- What is “Containment” (as discussed in this class)? Briefly describe impacts it had on world regional geography.

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