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Complete the 15 questions by changing the negative language to positive wording. You can write directly under each sentence and an example is provided on the sheet. Please see the attached word document for further directions.

N e g a t i v e Terminology Converted to P o s i t i v e Language – G E B 3 2 1 3 –
People respond better to messages that are phrased positively. That is why careful business writers convey information
positively whenever possible. This doesn’t mean disguising or misrepresenting the facts. It means avoiding negative
words (such as complaint, fail, mistake) and finding positive ways to express ideas. You provide more options to readers
when you tell what can be done instead of what can’t be done.
This activity should be a helpful resource when organizing the negative business letter.
Negative: You failed to tell us your color choice, so we are unable to complete your order
As soon as we receive your color choice, we will complete your order.
Convert the following from negative to positive messages. You will need to implement these skills on the negative
business letter assignment.
1. You cannot submit your application until January 1, 2020.
2. We cannot send the digital camera you ordered because we are out of stock until March 1, 2020 when we will begin
shipping again.
3. Our customer policy is not to provide refunds.
4. Your June 2 letter claims that you were treated rudely by our customer service agent.
5. We will have to refuse your claim if we don’t receive your application before September 1.
6. The footings on this new home can’t be poured until it stops raining.
7. In the event that a client is unable to submit a completed enrollment card, we cannot enroll a spouse as a dependent in
the group insurance plan.
8. Liberty Mutual refuses to process any claim not accompanied by documented proof from a physician showing that the
injuries were treated.
9. You won’t be sorry that you applied for a Capitol One credit card.
10. Without the support of the entire community, the new athletic field cannot be built.
11. Because of the numerous flaws in your proposal, we cannot accept it. It didn’t compare favorably with the other
proposals that were submitted. Other finalists were accepted.
12. If you fail the entrance examination, you cannot be admitted to the program.
13. We are withholding payment of your fees until the manager informs us that the work is completed satisfactorily.
14. We regret to announce that the special purchase laptop computers will be available only to the first 25 customers.
15. All employees who appear without photo identifications will be turned away.

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