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Hello, is me again.

This is related to the previous three discussion assignment. This assignment requires us to read a specific magazine and answer the question. The magazine that I will need to read is ”

Girls’ World” NOV 2020,”

Also see the attachment. I am not sure whether you can find any online version, thus I will pay you an extra 15 just in case you have to purchase the magazine. If you need to me extend the time just let me know.

Also, (important) The parts 3 of the assignment is to write a 300-400 words essay. This will require you to use the previous 3 weeks’ discussion reading material as references. (if you need me to resend you the previous reading just let me know.)

Project 3 – Content Analysis
(based on Daniels, et al., 2016)
Complete this form for your project as directed below!
Part A: Ads
For your magazine, look at all of the ads and complete Column 3 of this table.
(For the percent column, count the total number of ads in the issue and then
divide the number that you find in each category by that total. For example, if
there are 100 ads in the issue, and there are 20 ads that you classify as belonging
to Appearance, then you will have 20/100 or 20% of the ads fall into that
category. You will follow this same approach for all of the tables below.)
Table 1: Advertisement Categories
Category Definition
Percent of
Clothing, jewelry, make-up, etc.
All personal and hygiene products
Sport/physical activities, athletic clothing and
equipment, toys, games, crafts
All media (TV, magazines, websites, phones, etc.)
All related to “healthy” food/drink items (fresh
fruits/veggies/vitamin rich content)
All related to “unhealthy” food/drink items (alcohol,
desserts, high levels of fat/artificial/sugar content)
Ads that do not fit into the above categories
Part B: Stories & Articles
For your magazine, read all of the articles in your issue and complete column 3 of
this table.
Table 2: Content Categories
Topic/Focus Definition
Fashion, beauty, shopping
Boys, dating, sex, friendships, family
School, grades, careers, finances
Hygiene, health, mental/physical issues, diet, body
image, self-improvement, life skills, sports fitness
Some type of media focus
Percent of
Social Issues
Arts & Culture
Specific social issues, activism, female role model,
female opinions/views
The arts, books, travel, cross-cultural experiences
Content does not fit into above categories
Part C: Essay
Write an essay of approximately 300-400 words that is based on your findings in
Table 1 and Table 2. Your essay should:
1. Use the information that you gathered while completing the 2 tables.
2. Indicate how your findings in the tables relate to the readings and
research that we investigated during this seminar. Bring in specific details
from the readings to make those connections and also provide specific
descriptions of the ads/content so that they clearly show how they do/do
not illustrate the data in the articles. You may also discuss connections to
the video but keep in mind that this would be secondary/in addition to
the discussion of the reading links.
3. Reflect the format of a professional essay. Grammar, syntax, and content
are all important in this assignment. Students are highly encouraged to
create an outline before they begin writing.*
4. Do not forget that you will need to read your peers’ essays and write a 25word (approximately) response to at least 1 other student’s work.
* = Very Important!
Copy/Paste below here:
Part D: Submitting Project 3 to the Discussion & Assignment Dropbox
1. Do not submit any of the instructions—cut out anything in brown
2. Submit only:
a. Part A: Table 1
b. Part B: Table 2
c. Part C: Essay
3. For your discussion posting, you should copy and paste your
work into the discussion dialog box so that students do not
have to download an attached file.
4. Why submit this way?? I am trying to spare you having to
reconstruct the tables in a document that you create and your
work will be easier to read/follow (by both your peers and me!)
if there are no instructions breaking the flow. Just complete the
work and then go back and cut out the brown type/text when
you are finished! ☺
Shania Madrilejos
Girls’ World
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Nov 2020
Oct 2020
Aug 2020
Giselle Flores
Kristen Huey
Lu Xu

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