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In an essay of three to five pages, create an original myth based on universal stories including
one or more archetypical characters. Make sure your myth has a beginning, a middle and an end.
“Three to five pages” means three full pages, something on a fourth page, and no more than five
full pages. Use MLA format as you did for the research paper.
Standard plot lines that appear in the mythology of many cultures. They include, but are not
limited to, the examples below. Choose one or more to create your original myth.
CREATION: Primal elements personify to create gods, land, sea, sky and the earth’s
REBELLION: The personified primal elements create gods who rise up and overthrow them.
QUEST: A journey with a goal. The characters must overcome obstacles to achieve the goal.
HEROIC ENDEAVOR: A series of impossible tasks, such as defeating a variety of enemies,
feats of strength or cleverness, or obtaining precious items.
LOVE/DEVOTION: A Hero and Beloved endure hardship to find unity and happiness.
APOCALYPSE: Circumstances and divine intervention cause existence to end.
Standard character types that appear in many cultures, including but not limited to the examples
below. Choose one or more:
MOTHER GODDESS: Creates gods, humans and/or the universe with her body or magic
HERO: A being who is stronger, smarter and braver than others who accomplishes great deeds
MENTOR One who advises others, interprets dreams and sets tasks. Often takes the form of a
prophet, grandfather or grandmother
ALLY: a companion who assists others in heroic endeavor
ENEMY: an opposing force almost as strong as the hero, often possessing special qualities the
hero does not possess, like magic, or having monstrous qualities
TRICKSTER: changes events through deception. Often evil, he/she is tolerated because he/she
is amusing, or provides an indispensable service.
BELOVED: The object of Hero’s affection in a Love/Devotion myth.
GODDESS/PRIESTESS: Provides assistance, often with a love connection (Venus and Aeneas)
or a sexual component (The Harlot and Enkidu)
GHOST/PROPHET: Appears to offer advice or predict future events
SERPENT: Alternatively evil or beneficial, often representing these qualities:
1) Renewal, rebirth, healing and eternal life
2) Stealth and subtlety
3) Evil
4) Death
5) Sexual temptation, fertility and pregnancy

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