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Choose one of the following to write 2000-2500words essay, please give me a 100 words draft when you get the work

Your draft should be approximately 100 words and include:

1.Title of the essay

2. One paragraph introduction

3. Key arguments that you plan to develop in your essay in a bullet point format

4. A short bibliography (at least 3)

1. International Aid and Globally directed (UN) development work don’t work. Discuss this statement, remembering to include arguments on both sides of the debate and their relevance to multi-lateral aid and development.

2. Global governance is an effective mechanism to combat climate change and environmental issues. Discuss this statement in the light of Global Governance and Globalisation, remembering to include arguments on both sides of the debate.

3. Globalisation has been a liberating and democratising force for civil society. Discuss this statement, remembering to include arguments on both sides of the debate.

4. Multiculturalism is compatible with civic unity. Discuss this statement with reference to culture, identity and its impact on globalisation, remembering to include arguments on both sides of the debate.

5. It is in the interests of all states to obey international law and humanitarian interventions. Discuss this statement, remembering to include arguments on both sides of the debate.

6. Human Rights are simply a form of western cultural imperialism. Discuss this statement, remembering to include arguments on both sides of the debate, with particular focus on Global Governance and Globalisation.

The fonts of the essay should be either Arial (size 12) and the line spacing 1.15
or 1.5.
Important points
● The essay should have a thesis statement that provides a direct answer to
the question.
● The essay should have a logical structure.
● The essay should be organised into paragraphs.
● The essay may have subheadings to clearly highlight different sections.
However, you should not have a subheading for every paragraph.
● At least seven sources should be used. Sources are academic books,
academic journal articles, reliable online websites and resources. Wikipedia
is not considered a reliable source and should not referenced.
Think carefully about what each question is asking. Remember to consider:
● The relevant content / topic
● The question instructions
Essays should have an introduction paragraph which provides your answer to
the question (thesis statement). Do not just repeat the question! Actually, write
your overall answer at the beginning of the essay! Your introduction should
outline the structure of the essay (methodology), to show that you have thought
logically about the question. Your introduction should also contain brief
definitions of the key concepts that will be discussed in the essay and help
explain your thesis statement.
You should then focus on the main body of the essay. This should include
several paragraphs that provide the detailed answer to the question. Each
paragraph should add something new to the essay. Avoid repeating points you
have already made. The main body should have a logical structure – make sure
you organise what you want to write before starting. Try to include examples as
you discuss the concepts, to show your understanding (PEE).
Your essay should finish with a conclusion. This should be a re-statement of
your answer to the question. You should not discuss anything new in your
Good essays will be able to combine information and utilise the relevant
topics discussed throughout this module. Use of appropriate examples to
illustrate and support points raised will enhance the quality of the argument and
Plan your structure
Think about:
a) What the question is asking
b) The key concepts and key thinkers
c) The order that you will discuss the concepts
d) Your argument / answer to the question / thesis statement
Your Essay should contain the following:
● Introduction – including Definitions of Key Concepts
Thesis Statement
● Main Body – logical arguments and explanations with in-text
citations and relevant examples.
Include all sides of the argument to ensure balance.
● Conclusion – Review of the arguments and Re-statement or
Revision of your Thesis Statement.
Essay Outline
Description (when required)
Definition of key concept(s)?
Write down concepts you will define.
Thesis Statement?
(What is it?)
Methodology (organisation/layout)
How you are going to organise your
essay: Argument and Counter
Argument? Pros and Cons in each
paragraph? Taking a stand but adding
the criticism (opposite view) towards
the end?
Argument/claim (point 1)
What is it? (in brief)
Example(s) for point 1
Write your example(s) and sources in brief
What will this point tell us, how does it link
to the question/wider argument?
Evidence (Supporting point 1)
Write your in-text citations of the sources
used for support.
Repeat the format you decide on for
your addition PEE paragraps.
Objection(s) to your Hypothesis?
If yes, write it /them down in (one sentence
for each)
Support/evidence for objection(s)
Support/example(s) for objection(s)
Response to objection(s)?
Summary of the argument?
Make a clear link to the question
References List?
Are references relevant?
Book chapters:
Up to Date?
Academic Journal Articles:
(Indicate number of each kind of source.
Use this information to answer the
Newspaper articles:
Domains: org: __ /edu:___/ gov:___/
com: __
References APA guide reviewed
In-text citations match the
references list

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