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Throughout the Project Management concentration, you have served the role as project manager for Best Care Health (BCH), an organization operating 43 hospital campuses in rural areas across the United States. The leaders at BCH are committed to incorporating the latest technologies, especially telemedicine.

In GM591, the requirements included creating the business case, statement of work, project charter, and high-level budget. In GM592, the work entailed developing the scope baseline, schedule baseline, cost baseline, procurement management plan, quality management plan, and risk register. In GM593, the effort focused on the scope control system, budget estimating techniques, earned value management (EVM), and resource assignment matrix (RAM).

In GM594, the requirement is to reinforce the knowledge learned throughout the project management courses, while simultaneously incorporating the closing process, ethics, and professional conduct. In other words, this class allows you the opportunity to bring together the tools, techniques, baselines, and plans discussed throughout the program. In that sense, this final project serves a summative role.

The closing process includes capturing of lessons learned from all stakeholders, closing the procurements, and delivering the unique product, service, or result. Please note that stakeholders include any people, groups, or organizations that had a positive or negative impact on the project. As a team, you will create a comprehensive lessons learned document that addresses the assignment requirements.

The requirements are to create a lessons learned template where you will speak to the items below. When providing your responses, please consider the following items: (a) How does addressing the item improve the chances of project success? (b) How does failing to address the item create vulnerabilities when carrying out the project work?

What is the value of creating a business case that is aligned to the mission and vision of the organization? (GM591)

Why is it beneficial for the project team at BCH to have a detailed statement of work? (GM591) What challenges might arise given that the effort there is related to technology?

What value does the project charter provide the project manager? (GM591)

What are the drawbacks of providing a high-level budget to the customer during the initiating stage of the project? (GM591)

From a scope control purpose, why is it important that the project team collect the requirements from the stakeholders? (GM592)

Please explain your understanding of the following statement: “

The project manager should focus on the schedule because it will dictate the budget

.” (GM592)

Discuss how the work packages created in the work breakdown structure (WBS) are used to create the project’s budget. (GM592)

Explain the risk factors encountered by the project team when procuring work to vendors and contractors. (GM592)

Discuss your understanding of what Dr. Edwards Deming meant when he promoted the concept of building quality in the product or process rather than inspect it. (GM592)

Explain why the risk register is a work in process; that is, iterative. (GM592)

Discuss the purpose of the scope control system. (GM593)

Examine the pros and cons of the following estimating techniques: analogous, parametric, bottom-up, and three-point. (GM593)

Explain your understanding of the following statement: “

Earned value management (EVM) provides a snapshot regarding the health of the project at any given point in time

.” (GM593)

Discuss the interpersonal strategies available to the project manager when encountering conflict related to resources. (GM593)

Discuss the value of lessons learned for future projects. (GM594)

Cover the administrative work performed in the closing group, such as closing procurements and archiving lessons learned. (GM594)

Explain the actions the project team can take during the project to increase the chances that the customer will accept the unique product, service, or result. (GM594)


Title page formatted in current APA style with the following information: Title of the paper, your name, course number and section number, and date.

Include a lessons learned template and a Word document explaining the success factors and vulnerabilities of a project work.

A minimum of three scholarly journal and textbook source references cited and credited according to current APA formatting style using a minimum of six in-text citations. With help with APA, go to the Writing Center under Academic Tools.

The paper should be focused and to the point, containing between 600–800 words (at least 5-pages) specific to the table of contents items, excluding references.

Unit 6 [GM594]
Unit 6 Final: Summative Project – Project Closing, Ethics,
and Professional Responsibilities
GM594 Unit 6 Final: Summative Project – Project Closing, Ethics, and
Professional Responsibilities
Content (90 points)
The submission includes a complete lessons learned template.
The submission includes discussion regarding how the items from (a) to (q)
improved the chances of project success.
The submission includes discussion regarding how the vulnerabilities in a
project occur when we fail to address the items from (a) to (q).
Analysis (30 points)
Response exhibits strong higher-order critical thinking and analysis (e.g.,
evaluation). Paper shows original thought.
Analysis includes proper classifications, explanations, comparisons and
Critical thinking includes appropriate judgments, conclusions, and
assessment based on evaluation and synthesis of information.
Writing (30 points)
Grammatical skills are strong with typically less than one error per page.
Correct use of current APA format.
Appropriate to the assignment, fresh (interesting to read), accurate, (no farfetched, unsupported comments), precise (say what you mean), clear
introduction and conclusion, and concise (not wordy).
The submission is free of serious errors; grammar, punctuation, and spelling
help to clarify the meaning by following accepted conventions. At least three
scholarly journals and textbook sources, at least six in-text citations, and
references in current APA format.
Team Peer Evaluation
Minus points lost on Team Peer Evaluation (15= 0, 14= -1, 13= -2, etc.)
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