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As part of your field observation, you will administer graded passages and a running record on a beginning or fluent reader (grades PK-4 or 4-8 and use the information gained to analyze his or her reading strengths and weaknesses.

Specifically, you will demonstrate the steps for conducting a Running Record and one other assessment of your choice. To assess a student’s reading level, a teacher asks a student to read from a leveled passage. While the student is reading the teacher makes notations of the student’s performance. After the reading, the teacher calculates the reading accuracy, the reading level, and reading strategies used by the student. The teacher also assesses the students’ retelling and comprehension of the passage. In addition, Miscues are categorized corresponding to graphophonic, syntactic, and semantic cueing systems. Using the marked passage, you are required to record and analyze a students’ use of cueing systems of the graded passage

Your narrative will comprise of (a) a marked copy of the student passage showing the student’s miscues and (b) A passage scoring form with completed reading accuracy, reading level, reading strategies, and retelling, and (c) a miscue analysis sheet and (d) an overall summary of your findings which will include discussion of the data collected, the background, assessments, results analysis of student. What student was able to do and what the learner needs to Learn next with evidence from the assessment. Discuss the child’s independent, instructional, and frustration levels. What was the child’s reading rate. See the formula for this on page 49 of your textbook.

Recommendation: Next based on the results or data gathered, you will provide specific instructional recommendations of books and materials, and propose three interventions for the student to use at home and in school to enhance the student’s literacy skills.

Reflection: In this section, reflect on your performance in assessment and instruction. what went well or wrong. What you could do differently in designing future instruction. What was the ethos of the class or school during the administering of the test?

How does the physical facilities, equipment/materials, organizational structure, curricular activities, teacher and staff roles, and parental involvement impact the elementary reading program? Identify what professional knowledge, skills, and/or dispositions you should target that would improve your performance. How confident are you in administering literacy assessments?

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