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DQ1-Identify and describe three vertical and three horizontal stressors that students in your classroom may experience. How would these stressors have an effect on your students’ relationships, behavior, and school work? How would you appropriately learn about the stressors your students may be experiencing? Explain.

DQ2-What are basic ways that you can support and engage a family in crisis through respectful, reciprocal relationship building? Based on Matthew 25: 35-40, how does Christ view those actions?

DQ3-  Mr. Wright is the principal at the local elementary school and has been concerned about the lack of attendance from families for the school-sponsored Back to School Night. Teachers have an opportunity at the beginning of each year to set the tone for the school year and develop a working relationship with the parents of their students, therefore, parent attendance is crucial.

Mr. Wright has decided to have each teacher draft a personalized welcome letter along with an invitation for Back to School Night which will be sent home with the students. He hopes that this personal invitation will serve as an incentive for parents to attend. The Parent Teacher Organization has offered a prize of $100.00 in classroom supplies to the teacher in each grade level that has the highest attendance rates for the evening.

You are a teacher at this school and are tasked with writing a Welcome Letter and invitation to your parents. What will you include in your welcome letter and invitation to Back to School Night? How will you encourage participation? How can you ensure that parents who may not read English can be invited?

Assessment Description

Teachers are content experts and therefore, often times, administration will seek out teachers to assist with informing other staff members about best practices on a particular topic.

Imagine you are a teacher at an elementary school. Your principal has asked you to create a professional development presentation for other early childhood educators on the topic of diverse family structures and cultures.

Within your presentation, describe two different types of family structures and two cultures, and how their diverse characteristics can affect student outcomes. Provide three research-based tips and strategies on the topics of fostering collaboration, openness, positive relationships, and mutual respect.

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