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below you will find a discussion post that is needed in 3-4 paragraphs and at least one reference using questions in Day 3.

Once I have received my initial response I will submit and need to replies for classmates. I will send you their information. It needs to be responded to using questions under Day 5 in the same format above.

A quote often attributed to management guru Peter Drucker is that “culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Whatever its origin, the statement highlights that the best business plans will likely fail unless they are implemented in an environment that supports the desired beliefs, actions, and habits. In other words, understanding an organization’s culture is not only important for reaching the individuals within that organization, but it is also key to figuring out how to unlock and boost that organization’s success. Additionally, managers should go beyond having a comprehension of the culture. They should be challenged to shape the culture, too, guiding it forward in a positive direction.

This week, you will explore cultural aspects of an organization with which you are familiar. You will also submit a presentation on the importance of organizational culture in which you analyze a specific organizational culture and develop recommendations for improvement based on your analysis.

Discussion: Describing Organizational Culture

What does organizational culture mean to you? Has it been an important factor when deciding where you want to work? Has the culture of an organization ever caused you to want to leave an organization? Or is it a term that has little meaning for you or that you have not seen evidence of in the real world?

In this Discussion, you will first describe and analyze the culture of an organization you know well, using the concepts and frameworks provided in this week’s Learning Resources.

By Day 3


an analysis of the culture of an organization you know well, to include the following:

Briefly (in 1–2 sentences) describe the organization you have selected.

Identify one or two examples from this organization

for each of the three

levels of culture described by Lochner (2020, March 5): what we see, what we say, and what we believe.

Next, indicate whether the organization’s internal and external cultures matched or were different, providing supporting examples.

Finally, compare the organization’s vision and values to its actual culture and explain how managerial behaviors did or did not deliberately help shape culture for organizational success.

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