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Source: Sage Publisher’s HR Management People, Data, and Analytics by Bauer, Erdogan, Caughlin, and Truxillo

You are currently working in the HR department of Sintra, Inc., a mid-sized health services provider, with approximately 500 health personnel (ie physicians, nurses, etc.) and more than 100 administrative staff. Sintra’s focus is on providing urgent care in your state, with approximately 30 offices spread across urban, suburban, and rural areas.

Sintra is considering a change in the work flow of the services it provides; for example, it is toying with the idea of creating intact teams of health professionals to provide health services. As part of this work flow analysis, Sintra has examined its existing job analyses. For its health providers, there are essentially just two job descriptions, one for physician and one for nurse. However, Sintra’s leadership realizes the need to do more specific, detailed job analysis for the individual specialty areas of its physicians and nurses so as to better understand what specific types of physicians and nurses do and thus to assemble the most effective teams. It is estimated that in reality, there are at least three specialty areas among the nurses and four among the physicians, meaning that Sintra needs t plan to conduct at least seven job analyses to understand what its nurses and physicians actually do.

Not surprisingly, the nurses and physicians across Sintra are very interested in the results of these job analyses, as they will have a substantial effect on whom they work with and on the kind of care they they are able to deliver to patients. They are dedicated to their jobs, and they want to be able to express their views about what they do on the job and how they can most effectively serve patients.

The vice president of HR, Margot Russy, has charged you with taking on the task of conducting these job analyses for these nurse and physician jobs. Consistent with what is described above, her goal is to develop a comprehensive competency model that will reflect the range of nurse and physician jobs in the company. She also sees the value of doing these job analyses well so as to assemble the best teams of health providers. HOWEVER, she tells you that Sintra is under considerable financial pressure from its investors to do these job analyses as inexpensively as possible. She asks if you might simply use Sintra’s largest clinic, located in the downtown of the major city in the state, to confirm the different job descriptions already in place and the interrelationships among the jobs. She also believes this will allow the job analyses to happen quickly.


Create a word document, save it to your computer, and be sure to write out each question and each answer completely. The entire response set should be at least one page in length. Up to 75 points are for content (each question being equal weight), and up to 25 points are available for spelling, punctuation, grammar, and spelling. You are to cite any sources you used from the internet, other books or journals, or our textbook.

1. Was the VP of Human Resource’s APPROACH legal, ethical, and fair?

2. Was her approach evidence based? Or not? Why?

3. Would this approach to job analysis likely result in creation of the most effective and efficient teams? Or not? Why?

4. Is this approach cost effective?

5. Would this be an effective decision? Why or why not?

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