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Fallacies/Appeals Assignment


Your ad or commercial, plus a one to two-page summary, typed and double-spaced in MLA format


Only your imagination.

Before beginning this graded activity, you will need to understand what the fallacies of the argument are. To arm yourself with good information, please complete the following tasks

Then, view this video from Mometrix Academy on the Top 10 Logical Fallacies.

The Assignment

Now that you’re familiar with the use of appeals (logos, pathos, ethos) in argument and how fallacies can create errors in reasoning, let’s practice applying what you’ve learned in a creative assignment.Your mission is to create either a television commercial or a print ad that sells or advertises any product or service you choose. You may choose either an established product/service or make up one of your own. Choose one of these three options for your project’s format.

Make a 60-second video commercial. You are free to use friends and family in your video.

Computer-generate a one-page print ad in Word containing both print and graphics.

Create a print ad by hand and either scan and save it as a .pdf or photograph the ad as a .jpg.

Your commercial/ad must meet these two criteria:

it must use

all three

appeals, but one of them (logos, pathos, or ethos) should dominate;

it should include

at least three

fallacies (yes, normally, you’d want to avoid using fallacies in your arguments, but for the sake of understanding them better, you’re going to experiment with using them in this project).

Once you’ve completed your commercial or ad, write a summary (1-2 meaningful, double-spaced pages will do) that identifies:

how you used each of the three appeals and why you favored the one you did; and

which three fallacies you used and how they enhanced/detracted from the effectiveness of your argument.

Your ad or commercial does not need to be a work of art, but you will want to put a little creativity into it and ensure it meets the criteria.

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