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Building Reader Interest with Storytelling Techniques

Narrative techniques can be an effective way to organize messages in many business communication situations, from recruiting and training employees to enticing investors and customers.

You’ve been telling stories all your life; now it’s just a matter of adapting those techniques to business situations.


Television commercials and other advertisements

Career-related stories to entice talented people to join a firm

Stories to help investors see how an entrepreneur’s new ideas have the potential to affect people’s lives (and therefore generate lots of sales)

Cautionary tales

Stories can

Help readers and listeners imagine themselves living through the experience of the person in the story

“Put knowledge into a framework that is more lifelike, more true to our day-to-day existence” (Chip Heath and Dan Heath)

Demonstrate cause-and-effect relationships in a compelling fashion

A classic story has three basic parts:

The beginning of the story presents someone with whom the audience can identify in some way, and this person has a dream to pursue or a problem to solve.

The middle of the story shows this character taking action and making decisions as he or she pursues the goal or tries to solve the problem.

The end of the story resolves the “hero’s” quest and usually offers a lesson to be learned about the outcome as well.

By the way, even though these are “stories,” these must not be made-up tales.

Consider adding an element of storytelling whenever your main idea involves the opportunity to





In addition to its important communication function, storytelling can also serve as a means of strategic business analysis.

Your assignment is to tell a story to us the readers following the outline given above. You have written the story out. Since this is a story I will not require this assignment to be in APA format but I do expect good well-written academic writing. Make sure to spell-check your documents and review for errors. I am not giving a specific length of time for the video or a length for the written story but please make sure this is a good well-thought story that integrates into the format for storytelling. Most of all have fun and be creative great storytellers can reach large audiences.

Here is an example of some great Storytelling

LinkChimamanda Ngozi Adichie: The danger of a single story | TED

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