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Identify the speaker and title of the Ted Talk you are analyzing

Identify the speaker’s probable audience.

Summarize the speaker’s purpose (what the speaker is trying to persuade the audience to do or think.

Summarize the speaker’s thesis (the speaker’s main point or main argument that he or she states in the Ted Talk).

In your essay’s thesis statement,

identify three or four rhetorical strategies that the speaker uses to try and convince the audience

and your opinion about how effectively these strategies are used.

I would like to use this body paragraph as the first.

In the “How can we make racism a solvable problem and improve policing”. By Dr. Phillip Atiba Goff. The speaker seems to be appealing to police officers and police chiefs. The purpose of this TED talk is to appeal to the police department to make measurable actions to fight racism in policing. The thesis of the Ted Talk is that racism is a necessary problem that seems impossible to solve, but it can easily be resolved by shifting the focus from changing attitudes to intentionally changing policing behavior, especially by the police officers. There should be no racism among the people, but the world must change the way of thinking, and we must be at one level to be one hand.The most common rhetorical strategy used is the Ted Talk is rhetorical questions. The Ted Talk to illustrate this rhetorical strategy, put quotation marks around the quotation(s), and an in-text citation at the end of the quotation(s): (Speaker’s last name and the time where the quotation appears in the Ted Talk). The use of rhetorical questions is to leave a question hanging in the air so that the audience can ponder over it. When a speaker uses rhetorical questions, they do not expect responses or answers from the audience.


(3-4 body paragraphs)

Include the following in each body paragraph


Topic Sentence

: State a topic sentence in each body paragraph and identify a rhetorical strategy (persuasive technique) that you think the speaker uses to try and convince the audience.


: Draw examples from the Ted Talk that illustrate the rhetorical strategy (persuasive technique) you stated in your topic sentence. Refer to the transcript.


: Explain the intended effect of the rhetorical strategy. To help you develop the analysis,

use these questions


Do you think the speaker intended for the rhetorical strategy to appeal to the audience’s interests, senses, emotions, values or logic?

How might the rhetorical strategy affect the audience’s interest level, senses, emotions, values or logic? And why might the strategy make the audience react this way?

How might the rhetorical strategy get the audience to agree with the speaker’s thesis?

How might the audience’s opinions or behavior change as a result of this rhetorical strategy?

Evaluation (



: You may also add evaluation to your body paragraphs and explain weaknesses with the rhetorical strategy.

Conclusion (1 paragraph)

Summarize your position.

Also, you could offer recommendations for alternative ways the speaker could have developed the argument in order to convince the audience more.

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