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The purpose of this paper is to

link theoretical/scholarly material

about behavior change and communication to a “real world” campaign. You will select a campaign of interest to you that used a media channel to reach it’s intended audience. This could include traditional news outlets, the blogosphere, various social media outlets, or some combination of these channels. You will then critique and analyze the case from the theoretical frameworks and perspectives in the scholarly literature you have chosen. Your case study should conclude with a summary of lessons learned from the case and/or any recommendations you have for how the individuals and/or organizations involved could have used behavior change theory more strategically to realize more favorable outcomes. The paper should use double-spaced text, APA format (60 points).

Please make sure the body of your case study paper includes all of the following components:

Paper Components:


: Describes overall purpose of paper (includes description of case for background/context; briefly previews the campaign that will be analyzed and theoretical/scholarly literature that will be used; makes argument for why that area of scholarly literature is best suited to understanding the case).


Review: Summary of theoretical/scholarly literature reviewed for the case (at least 7 sources cited).

Method:  Identifies the type of content analysis that will be conducted and discusses: content that will be analyzed; provides rationale for content selected; describes how content will be collected; briefly identifies qualitative content analysis as the method of data analysis.


: Qualitative content analysis that is clearly guided by the theoretical framework/scholarly literature reviewed for the case (e.g., if you reviewed Social Cognitive theories/principles, you should be analyzing your data to report if and how those principles were used). Findings from analyzed data are written in a narrative/thematic/descriptive format with example quotes interspersed to serve as evidence.


: Provides comparisons/contrasts to previous literature AND practical lessons learned and/or recommendations you have for how the individuals and/or organizations involved could have used theory to more strategically organize the campaign to realize more favorable outcomes.

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