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Hi there,

I have assignment about interviewing skills

have done some careful reflection on both your internal and external
career identity, now you are
ready for the next step – the interview!

1. Watch the videos on
Interviewing Skills and Interviewing in a Virtual Environment. Complete
the post to the discussion board by the deadline. Be sure to do some
careful consideration on your previous assumptions about interviewing
and what you learned from these videos.

Read the three attached articles labeled College Seniors-Here’s How to
Negotiate The Salary At Your First Job, Salary Negotiation Training Tips
For College Students, and The Best and Worst Things to Say During
Entry-Level Salary Negotiation. Review the PowerPoint Presentation.

3. Respond to BOTH Discussion Board forum with the appropriate post. (Describe what you learned about interviewing that surprised you.

Will your approach to interviewing change?

do you feel about interviewing in a virtual environment? What can you
do to make sure you are ready for this type of interview?

Additionally, what are your nervous tendencies and what can you do to minimize those in an interviewing setting?)

and (Describe what you learned about salary negotiation. How comfortable are

you in negotiating salary for your first job? Did the articles make you

feel more at ease about this topic?)

While reviewing the Salary Negotiation PowerPoint and reading the corresponding articles, I learned that it is important to research the average income of the area
in which the position is located as well as the average salary for the specific position. By doing research on these things before your interview, you will be able to
better understand an employer’s offer and will realize whether you want to accept or decline the offer, or negotiate further. I also learned that if you decide to
negotiate for a higher salary or other benefits such as paid time off and relocation expenses, it is imperative to prioritize your qualifications and how they make you
valuable to the company.
These articles made me feel a little more at ease about salary negotiations. I now understand that once an individual becomes more experienced in a professional
job, it is okay to tactfully advocate for yourself when it comes to a job compensation package that you believe could be enhanced.
While watching the interviewing video, I was surprised to learn that interviewers focus more on the candidate’s physical appearance and nonverbal communication
rather than what the candidate actually says during the interview. I also learned that even though what a candidate says during an interview only makes up 7% of the
interviewer’s evaluation, it is important that the candidate’s first twelve words are strong and show good character. My approach to interviewing has changed a little
because of what I learned about physical appearance and nonverbal communication. I will pay more attention to these components in order to make a good
impression during an interview.
I feel neutral about interviewing in a virtual environment. Although it is compelling to think that interviewing from the comfort of your own home would make the
interview easier, there is still pressure. In order to be prepared for a virtual interview, I would make sure that I am in an area that enhances the sound quality of the
computer, that I have access to good lighting, that my camera is properly angled, that I am looking at the camera to make “good eye contact” with the interviewer,
and that I am dressed conservatively and professionally.
When I am under pressure to achieve something that I desire, I often become visibly stressed and nervous. In an interview setting some of my nervous habits
would include having a shaky voice and limbs, not maintaining eye contact with the interviewer, and having bad posture. Some ways that I could minimize these
nervous tendencies would be to remember that the interview is not “an interrogation”, but an informative conversation. With that being said, I should take the
opportunity to “inform” the employer about the skills and qualifications I possess and would bring to the job. By doing this, it would allow me to feel more confident
about my abilities. It would make me feel more comfortable, improve eye contact, and correct my posture.

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