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HCS/446: Facility Planning
Wk 1 Discussion Board
Discussion Topic
Due Thursday (20 pts)
Write a 175- to 265-word response to the following: ALREADY DONE
Why is it important that you understand your role in health care facility design? Provide
Due Monday (20 pts)
Read and respond to at least two of your classmates’ discussion posts. Be constructive and professional
with your thoughts, feedback, or suggestions.
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Lakrisha West
7/9/22, 1:17 PM
Hello class,
I feel it is important to understand the role you play in a facility because it allows you to be focused and
more efficient in your contribution of the flow. Always knowing what to stay educated on will help
improve staying competent within your particular job and being the best asset to your team as much as
possible. Knowing the layout and general function of your facility is a major key factor in safety as well.
Example being, knowing where exit doors or having plans in place to ensure your patients and staff
could get to safety in a safe and timely manner. Also knowing the flow of your facility and knowing the
needs of patients will help you keep up with the coverage concerns when it comes to ensuring that you
have proper staff in place, that you have proper number of supplies in place, and that you have an
overall leg up on any issues, audits, or situations you may come across when it comes to operating
within your facility. Understanding your role will definitely help benefit others in understanding their
role as well.
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Domanique Mason
7/8/22, 9:55 PM
It is essential for individuals working in a healthcare facility to understand the facility design, so their
roles to facilitate effective delivery of the assigned duty. Knowing the design of the facility helps you
manage the facility good. By you being the manager and workers of the facility, you need to know where
everything is located. You want to be confident when escorting patients and even new potential
employees to certain areas. Understanding your role in healthcare facility design is a crucial strategy for
reducing medical errors, thus improving patient’s outcome. Medical errors in the health sector are a
serious problem leading to an increased death rate in the United States (Rodziewicz et al., 2022). Being
confidence inspires patients to feel they are receiving the best quality of care, which is a crucial goal at
any healthcare facility that knows the design and set up of that facility. For example, each employee
should to know all the emergency exit for the patient’s safety and their safety. Anything is possible to
Rodziewicz, T. L., Houseman, B., & Hipskind, J. E. (2022). Medical error reduction and
prevention. StatPearls [Internet]. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK499956/
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Alyssa Maltz
7/8/22, 12:56 AM
Good evening class,
The importance in understanding health care facility design is to ensure patient safety. Though there are
many reasons why facility design is important in the health care setting, safety can be considered the
most important topic. The reason being is because patient and employee safety should remain as a top
priority. Many companies, even outside of health care, have liability insurance for any safety issues that
could occur. Being a manager in health care, it is important to make any update to the facility layout if
patient safety is going to be at risk. Understanding the needs of the facility design can ensure
effectiveness and efficiency.
An example of facility design in health care is having clearly labeled signs to navigate through the
facility, such as emergency exit signs. Another example is having ventilated areas to reduce the spread of
diseases, such as a filtration system in any AC unit.
Reiling, J., Hughes, R. G., & Murphy, M. R. (2008, April). The Impact of Facility Design on Patient Safety.
Nih.gov; Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (US).

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