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present a daily account of what you did to improve your health for at least 10 days, (2) write at least one page on what you learned from the experience, and (3) write at least one page on what you can do in the future to improve your health.

Behavior Change
Behavior Change
Many people set goals to improve changes in their diets to meet specific goals. However,
some give up when they don’t notice immediate results or when life gets in the way that prevents
them from sticking to the plan. However, when creating a behavior change in diet, it is essential
to understand that the only way results are going to happen is if the person is diligent and
dedicated to achieving the results, they are looking for. To do this, creating a behavior change
plan can help the brain’s natural chemical processes catch up in altering the way of thinking so
that the process can be maintained (Ferrara, Kim, Lin, Hua, & Seto, 2019). This paper is
focusing on a behavior change plan that includes adding nutritious foods to my diet. Reasons for
engagement will be provided as well as possible barriers that will come along during the process.
the paper will conclude with designing a pan that would last at least 10 days for me to maintain.
Adding nutritious foods to my diet that consists mostly of meats and bread will be
beneficial to me on a short-term basis to improve my anxiety but in long term to help improve
mood fluctuations and my ability to focus. According to Böhm, D., Dorland, B., and Herzog
(2021), “eating nutritious foods can help improve stamina, mood fluctuations give a happier
outlook on life and improve their abilities to focus. For the longest time, I have eaten a diet that
barely includes vegetables and fruits. I feel that the nutrients these foods provide will help build
my health to where I want it to be. I will gain more energy and be able to focus more on the
positive things in life. However, a huge barrier of mine that is going to be hard to fight is
consuming vegetables. I have never liked eating vegetables, whether it was because of how they
feel in my mouth or because of their taste of them. I feel that once I get into the habit of adding
more nutritious foods to my diet and sticking to the consumption of them, I will be able to live
longer, my teeth and skin would improve, my immunity system will get a boost, and there will be
a lower risk of me developing heart disease or diabetes, and my digestive system will get better.
That is the main reason for a diet behavior change, I felt my digestive system is off lately, and
finding a way to increase it will help benefit other things that could potentially be going on that I
am not aware of. Another barrier would be the lack of motivation. I can lose motivation very
quickly when it something I find myself having to stick to. Another barrier would be trying to
afford organic fruits and vegetables. I wouldn’t want to consume anything that isn’t organic
because that would waste the point of achieving better health with the chemicals and such that is
put into other types of nutritious foods that isn’t organic.
To adopt a behavior, or change plan, there are steps necessary to take to ensure positive
results. The steps I would be taken to ensure that I am achieving the results I want are to ensure I
am not oblivious to the issues and that the plan is going to improve my health. I need to make
sure that I am fully aware of how nutritious foods are going to add energy and positive health
outcomes as well as preparing myself to maintain the plan so that I want to give up when
frustrated with the pre-results. Adopting new eating habits and ridding old eating habits can
become difficult to achieve. Training my brain to think differently, maybe telling myself that I
do like vegetables so that I can increase in eating them as well as sticking to the plan of making
the nutritious foods more desirable for my tastes. I will increase my diet by adding a serving of
fruit or vegetables to at least two meals a day. Sometimes I may try to eat fruit on the side as a
snack if I am not eating anything in the day that it would go good with. Ensuring that then the
new patterns I create of eating nutritious foods remain in my thoughts at every meal or even
when I smell foods. Even when I am not eating, I can get myself in the habit of training my
thinking process to think about healthier choices in my diet. Rewarding myself every time I
accomplish my goals each day and stick to them will also help me maintain the diet changes so
that I have something good to look forward to. This would also help when I just can’t get myself
to like a specific nutritious food, because it will push me more to still include it in my diet from
time to time to get the most benefits of improving my health. Adopting a behavior diet plan will
be successful for me if I found an app that would help remind me and help me keep track of my
eating habits and such. The app will help me stay in tune with my diet because it would provide
me with regular updates.
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