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HIMA550 Clinical Workflow and Process and Redesign
Term Project: Organization Workflow Redesign Template – HealthIT.gov
This project is a living project that you will complete in weekly steps. All of these steps will be
compiled into two documents that you will submit at the end of Week 7. One document will be
the completed templates PPT. The other document will be a Word document that is a
compilation of your weekly narratives about completing the template for that week.
There are two documents that you will use to complete the templates, one is for information
only, the other is the PPT that you will save your work into. The two documents are listed below:
(1) The original workflow redesign template that contains all information. This is labeled
“workflow_redesign_templates_v1.pptx”. Review this entire presentation before moving on.
(2) This is the same as the one listed above, however it now has missing information in the six
assigned templates. You will notice that the flowchart symbols are now empty and you will need
to fill these in. This document is labeled, “HIMA550 Term
Project_workflow_redesign_templates.pptx”. This is what you will complete and submit as one
of your Term Project requirements.
There are six (6) templates that you will fill in as illustrated below: *Note there will be seven
Slide Template
Office Visit Workflow Template
e-Prescribing Workflow Template
Appointment Scheduling Workflow Template
21, 22, 23
Description of Slide
Patient Check-In Process: EHR Fully Integrated
Lab Slides
Referral Generation Workflow Template
Office Discharge Workflow Template
Narrative + template, minimum of
250 words
Narrative + template, minimum of
250 words
Narrative + template, minimum of
250 words
Narrative + template, minimum of
250 words
Narrative ONLY
Narrative + template, minimum of
250 words
Narrative + template, minimum of
250 words
Although you will not complete a template for the lab orders, you will provide a narrative
discussing your thoughts on the three slides provided. Make sure to look at the “who” is
involved on the left of the slides.
SUMMARY paragraph – You are required to include a summary paragraph at the conclusion of
your narrative portion.
This paper will be done in APA format. Here is a link that provides a good overview of how to
work in APA https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/. Make sure you have a title
page, abstract page, content pages, and reference list. You are required to use two additional
references outside of the HealthIT website to support your thoughts in the narrative portion (a
minimum of 3 for the entire narrative, not 3 per template)when you are discussing the slides.
In short this is another way to look at the Term Project:
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6
Week 7
Begin reviewing requirements for Term project. Start NOW.
Templates 1 & 2
2 – Narratives
2 – Templates
Template 3
1 – Narrative
1 – Template
Template 4
1 – Narrative
1 – Template
Lab Templates
1 – Narrative
0 – Template
Template 5 & 6
2 – Narratives
2 – Templates
Complete all Templates Compile Word Document for all Template
Narratives + Summary paragraph.

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