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A Stanford MSPA program-specific statement(limited to 2,000 characters) that asks the applicant to describe in more detail how they align with one of our program goals, including: contributing to the diversity of the PA profession; working with underserved healthcare communities; working with the Stanford healthcare community; engaging in patient-centered care; and demonstrating potential as a future PA leader.

My name is Andera Korgees, and I come from a place where my goals were nothing but dreams
and moved to a country where dreams can become a reality with grit, stamina, and dedication. I
lived in a small village in a rural geographically area called Batnay, Iraq, where there was no
healthcare, vaccination, clean water, acute disease transmission and high mortality rates. At the
age of ten, I immigrated with my family to the states from Iraq to seek asylum, escape war and
persecution and start school in grade five. There were no adequate tools to help students
whose English was their second language at my school admission. I took the initiative to teach
myself how to write, read, and speak English.
I graduated from high school and went to a community college, where I completed my
prerequisite courses for higher education. I was passionate about public health, and I attended
school of Public Health at San Diego State University, where I obtained a bachelor’s degree in
public health. I acquired extensive research experience as a public health student, where I
learned about the most prevalent disease globally and the incidence rates of those diseases.
Besides, I learned about the various prevalent diseases among every population. I also learned
about the importance of cohorts and ethical practices acquiring data from sources.
I acquired a job at Sharp Healthcare during the worldwide Covid-19 crisis, that helped me to get
exposed to the emergency department setting. I witnessed how those heroes cared for people
with passion, compassion, love, and dedication; despite the situation being unclear and lacking
available resources. I was then sure that I needed to do and pursue a Physician assistant path. I
evaluated patients quickly upon their arrival and assisted providers in the treatment. I witnessed
stroke codes, cardiac arrests and what was exhausted to resolve such situations. I viewed the
tests run on the patients, such as labs, imaging, and others. I then examined the results while
outlining the following stages in their care with the providers. The knowledge I have gained and
experience from working in the emergency room compared to nothing I have previously done,
nor the number of classes I have taken to prepare for a healthcare career. I have interacted with
various healthcare professionals in treating and diagnosing patients and keeping their treatment
plans. I have had the chance to experience what the healthcare system in the United States is.
Every moment of my job helped me get exposed to the real-life situations; that I would be
encountering as a physician assistant.
When I completed my higher education, I obtained a job at La Maestra family health clinic as a
medical assistant and a medical scribe to experience more hands-on patient care and serve the
underserved community. As a medical assistant, I assisted in treating the underserved
population with the tools implemented that best fit their comprehensive ability. I have learned
how to perform electrocardiography and interpret it with the help of the providers. Moreover, I
learned about different medications and their functions, especially for chronic acquired illness,
and how to interpret the results from scans, routine visits, labs, and outpatient reports.
I want to become a physician assistant to give back this fantastic country’s opportunity for my
family and me. I would also like to serve my country, contribute to their health and wellness, and
work for the underserved population that does not have access to proper healthcare. As a
physician assistant, I would be living my true passion by serving my community throughout my
continued education.
Furthermore, I have an advantage over the other candidates due to my substantial education,
diverse experience, and personal traits. I can communicate in English, Arabic, and Chaldean.
With my trilingual skills, I can assist various racial groups, thereby increasing workplace
diversity. I am a patient person who can work under duress, multitask, and provide exceptional
customer service through my communication abilities. Most importantly, I am a caring individual
who wants to make a difference in this world; Serving without expecting anything in return and
healing those who need not more medicine but affection.

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