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For this assignment, you are  requesting funding from the Board of Directors for an investment of an  electronic health record (EHR) system. Create one summary, on a Word  document, which delivers each of the 4 parts of this assignment. When  combined this summary should support your funding request, by analyzing  the impact a new EHR would have on the hospitals revenue and  reimbursement, on data collection, operations, and relationships both  internal and external.


Apply principles of healthcare finance for revenue management.

Task:  Demonstrate the principles of health care finance for revenue  management through the intended application of cost reporting and  variances. Create a summary which covers the pros of investing in a new  EHR. Include in your summary how the EHR will address topics of cost  reporting and the variances seen currently.


Implement processes for revenue cycle management and reporting.

Task:  The Board of Directors will need to consider the implications of  adopting a new EHR system on systems related to RCM and reporting. Use  the information researched in unit 8 assignment and summarize how the  three considerations you researched relate to the overall process of  RCM.


Identify severity of illness and its impact on healthcare payment systems.

Task:  As part of your analysis on the implications of a new EHR system on  other information systems, analyze the relationship between data quality  within a new EHR and severity of illness. Identify the purpose and use  of severity of illness based on information within the health record.  Conclude this section of your summary by associating severity of illness  and health care payment systems, integrating case-mix and CAC systems.


Identify  the different types of organizations, services, and personnel and their  interrelationships across the health care delivery system.

Task:  Funding request summaries often become available to the general  public–either on its own or when combined into another report. Identify  and discuss the connections among the different types of organizations,  services, and personnel–including their interrelationships across the  health care delivery system. To do this, analyze the implications of a  new EHR system with both internal and external organizations.

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