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The are the directions for the assignment!

You can only use the sources that I gave you and your answers need tone explained with detail and it has to beat least 400 words.Also, don’t repeat the questions.

These are the questions that need to be answered

1) List your choice #, name of the source and the dates or page numbers (Kemble) of your

diary selection

2) Write a summary of what happened in that time period within the entries your read. What

is the context?

3) What did you find most interesting? Give specific examples with a minimum of 2

different examples

4) How did reading the diary or the journal increase your knowledge of life at the time of

your journal? Use specific examples from the diary or journal

5) How does reading a primary source (the diary or journal) compare to reading about the

topic in a secondary source. What was gained from reading the first-hand account? Use

an example from the source you picked

6) How did reading the journal increase your understanding of America today?

Choose a diary entry section from Fannie Kemble’s diary. Read at least 4 pages of the diary from

1838-1839 and you can only use pages 18-156 from the diary.


Fannie Kemble was a British actress who came to the US. She met her soon to be husband Pierce

Butler when she was performing in the US. He was the grandson of US Senator Pierce Butler

from South Carolina. Pierce who lived in Philadelphia inherited two plantations in Georgia, one

grew cotton and one grew rice with the plantations he inherited 638 slaves. Unusual for women

in her day, she spoke her mind, was assertive, and knew politics. Because of her personality and

because she was antislavery their marriage was shaky from the start. Fannie hoped by visiting the

plantations she could persuade Pierce to emancipate his slaves. She visited both plantations for 4

months in 1838 taking her 2 children and nurse with her. The diary she wrote while there is the

most detailed account of slavery from a white northern abolitionist. She was able to win the trust

of the slave women, so her account of their lives is an important and rare historical source on the

lives and feelings of slave women. He divorced her in 1849 and she had to work as an actress

and writer to support herself and her 2 children. During the war she published the journal of life

on a Georgia plantation while living in England. White southerners continued to discredit her

account into the 20



Here is a link to the diary


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