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This is due December 11.

I have a paper proposal due tomorrow. NOV 23.

I would like to discuss the history of food and such and relations to asian culture if that makes sense.

Would you be able to help?

Final Paper

of approximately 10-12


You will also be expected to give a brief presentation (approx. 8 minutes long) of your paper in one of the last few meetings of the semester. (30%) It should also be uploaded to the Assignments section on the course Blackboard site.

History 315: Film, Fashion and Food in South Asia
Paper Proposal
Deadline: November 23, 2020
The paper proposal should introduce your research topic and how it figures into the
larger issues of our class. You may want to address some of the source materials we have
engaged with in class or themes we have read (or will read) in contextualizing your own
research project. This proposal should be about 3-5 pages in length.
Possible Topics: This is a writing project where you have an opportunity to explore a topic
of your own interest – either going deeper into an issue discussed in class or marginal to
our discussions. The topic can be relatively flexible, but do remember to address it in terms
of its historical implications (for instance if you’re interested in a contemporary issue
address some of its historical origins). Be careful in citing texts within your paper and
always reference arguments which are not your own – whether you paraphrase ideas or
quote word for word references.
Some possible topics which you might wish to pursue: portraits of South Asian
history in American and European feature films, comparisons between Mughal, Persian
and Rajput miniature painting, the material culture of Hindu temple architecture, cinematic
depictions of particular historic events or historic personages in South Asian or
diasporic film, further developments in the creation of regional forms of cuisine, dress or
interior design, hybrid aesthetic trends (in relationship to dress, cuisine or architecture) in
colonial India, histories of South Asian music, dance and theatre or the role of women as
patrons, consumers or designers of particular objects/aesthetic trends, among others.
There’s a lot of flexibility on what you might wish to write on! Just pick something that
will enthuse and captivate your imagination and try to be as focused as possible.
In addition to the paper discussion, please provide an annotated bibliography.
The bibliography should include both primary and secondary sources.
For the bibliography, you should have at least 4-5 secondary sources and 1-3
primary sources. Some of you will rely principally on one primary source (oral history,
memoir, newspaper articles, political speeches, biographies, films, novels, short stories,
etc.) in depth; others of you will engage with several. It will depend on the nature of your
topic. Provide the publishing information for each source (author, title, date, city of
publication, publishing house) and a brief description (1-2 sentences) of why each source
will be important for your paper.
Some useful electronic databases for finding scholarly articles (accessible online
through the Bentley Library) include: googlescholar, JSTOR or Proquest. Certain books
or partial reproductions of books (including out of print texts) are available through
googlebooks online.
We will be using the Chicago Manual of Style citation format for both the paper
proposal and final paper. Please refer to the Turabian guide for examples on listing
bibliographic and footnote/endnote citations.
Again, this is a preliminary proposal for your topic. It can be modified and revised
before the final paper is handed in. Best of Luck!

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