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Contact a health care professional who has experience with mandatory reporting requirements and arrange to conduct an interview. Use the interview to gain a better understanding of mandatory reporting requirements and associated actions needed for suspected abuse and neglect. Create 10 interview questions and attach as an appendix to the assignment. You do not have to include answers with interview questions as these will be discussed.

Write a 1,250-1,500 word paper based on the interview in which you address the following:

What are the laws in your state regarding mandatory reporting related to suspected abuse and neglect?

Describe the impact of reporting requirements on management strategies.

Describe an example provided during the interview regarding a case of suspected abuse and neglect.

Describe what was done by the facility to attempt to resolve the suspected abuse and neglect.

How does this align with laws in your state and ethical considerations?

Content for this assignment comes directly from your respondent then you add justification. You interview by asking the respondent each of GCU’s questions. If they need clarification or redirection, this is where you will apply your Appendix questions to probe and direct the respondent. Each section of the paper cites your respondent with personal communication in-text and does not list them in References

Evidence to justify are GCU assigned readings and and your research from GCU Library

Interview Questions

Thank you so much for participating in this interview, It should take no longer than 15 -20 mins. This interview will discuss mandatory reporting requirements and associated actions needed for suspected abuse and neglect. I hope the question I sent to you gave you some input on the questions I will be asking today.

Introduction: First, let me introduce myself, my man is _________, MBA candidate at ________, and I will be your interviewer.  Can you please introduce yourself and identify your healthcare role and job duties?

1. What City & State do you practice in?

2. What do you do if you notice/ suspect abuse and neglect?

3. How do you know when to make a report concerning abuse and neglect?

4. What’s the procedure after you have identified that there has been abuse and neglect?

5. Have you ever had to report an abuse and neglect case? Or know an instance of it happening to other staff

6. Can you give me a few details about the case?

7. How did you resolve the case

8. Do you think that the situation was handled well? Is there anything you would have done differently?

9. Do you have to do any training regarding abuse and neglect

10. Do you agree with the Texas laws regarding abuse and neglect? Would you make any changes to the laws?

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