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I need help with this assignment should nbe short and my topic is healthy food with live music descrive this concept in food and beverage industry

Individual presentation Guidelines (15%)
In today’s competitive environment, creating a successful Food and Beverage product requires
exceptional concepts that are at the same time relevant to the targeted market over a long period of
Your task in this assignment is to select a unique and innovative F&B concept, after which you are
required to deliver a powerful 3 minute oral presentation that convinces your audience about the
viability of your selected F&B concept. This is a persuasive presentation to convince your team to
select your idea as the focus of the group project (Assessment 4). Your innovative idea will also form
the basis of your individual assignment (Assessment 3).
‘The levels of the product’ model is a framework that can be applied in your presentation. This is a
model that can assist you clearly depict the core benefits, features, and points of difference of your
proposed concept.
One of the key skills in this assessment is to communicate convincingly via verbal communication.
Therefore, although you have the option to use PowerPoints (up to a maximum of 4 slides),
PowerPoints are not necessary nor mandatory for this assignment. If you do choose to use
PowerPoints, it is required that your recording shows a clear image of yourself, as you will be assessed
for your presentation skills.
Your presentation should demonstrate both oral facilitation skills and knowledge of the topic area. You
are advised to spend half of your time preparing the content and structure of your presentation, and the
other half rehearsing and amending rapport building techniques. A mistake often made in preparing for
presentations is spending so much time putting the content together and leaving little time to rehearse
and polish the presentation. Those who attract a higher grade will adequately leave time to develop the
content, as well as rehearse and deliver the presentation. Therefore, you are asked to practice your
presentation, then record a video of your presentation with the instructions provided on Blackboard.
HOS2110 Individual Presentation Marking rubric(15%)
High Distinction (80-100)
Content & organisation – The central message and
Relevance of topic,
purpose are clear, consistent
accuracy of facts, overall
and persuasive Expresses
treatment of topic
complex ideas fluently.
logical ordering of ideas;
All ideas well developed.
transitions between major
Covers all aspects of the topic,
including illustrative examples.
Integrates well-defined
discipline specific terms
Clarity of argument and
justification Value of recommendation
Delivery Adequate volume,
appropriate pace, diction,
personal appearance,
effective use of
technological aids
Justification of conclusion/
recommendations based on
excellent interpretations of
material presented
Excellent diction, intonation
and pacing.
Very good volume and energy,
professional appearance,
technological aids used
Engagement with
audience Adequate eye contact with
audience, and appropriate
body language
Effectively engages audience
with eye contact and
appropriate body language.
No reliance on notes.
Time management
Presentation within specified
time allocation.
Distinction (70-79)
The central message and
purpose are clear, and
Expresses complex ideas
Major ideas well developed
Covers all aspects of the
Discipline specific terms
are well-defined and used
Justification of conclusion/
recommendations based
on valid interpretations of
material presented.
Very good diction,
intonation and pacing.
Good volume and energy,
professional appearance,
technological aids used
Credit (60-69)
The central message and
purpose are clear.
Expresses complex ideas
Ideas adequately developed
Includes essential
information and some
supporting details
Discipline specific terms are
defined and used
Justification of conclusion/
recommendations relate to
material presented
Pass (50-59)
The central message and
Expresses complex ideas but
with effort.
Some ideas not fully
Includes most essential
information and some
supporting details
Some discipline specific terms
are defined, application is
occasionally incorrect.
Reasoning behind conclusion/
recommendations occasionally
Fail (
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