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HRM 450
Spring 2021
Project briefing: Option 1: Employability
The project must:
1. demonstrate that you have substantial understanding about the content and issues
related to the body of strategic HRM and its relationship with the topic of employability,
and must
2. demonstrate that you applied this knowledge the theme of employability in the UAE.
1. This purpose must be demonstrated in a report that is no less than fifteen (15) A4 pages
(with standard margins, Arial font, 11 pt size, in double spacing), excluding a cover page
with titles and identification of authorship, a table of contents, any dedications,
acknowledgements or executive summaries, the reference list, and no more than thirty (30)
A4 pages.
2. All formatting, citations and references must be in APA style. Check to make sure,
starting with:
3. The report will systematically and in an organised digital document, integrate the
different constituent phases to:
3.1. define and explain what Strategic HRM is and why it is important,
3.2 define and explain employability, and why this is pertinent to HRM graduates,
3.3 specifically, apply the explanations (by providing evidence and/or examples) to
graduates from the UAE and/or organisations from the UAE. (This is from your interpretation
of THE RESEARCH DATA and literature sources.)
3.4 show critical thinking, advantages & disadvantages, negatives and positives
Here is the process to apply 3.1- 3.4 (above) in your report:
A. describe what is employability;
B. describe what are the challenges for HRM employability in the UAE;
C. describe clusters of HRM activities needed to address HRM employability;
D. describe what is strategic is about the HRM activities and/or HRM employabiity
E. apply logical reasoning from premise(s) to conclusion(s),
F. reach conclusions about the state of Strategic HRM and employability, and
G. build on the conclusions to make relevant and responsible (i.e. clearly included in the
body of SHRM knowledge) recommendations for improvement, maintenance and/or
change by using the clusters of strategic HRM activities.
4. The report will be handed in as a soft copy (if possible) and in the individual report
submission page on Moodle by midnight on April 18 2021.
5. The report will be used as the foundation of a seminar presentation to colleagues during
the allocated time on April 18 2021. The presentation material AND the hand-out summary
key learning points for the class will be submitted on Moodle by 12:00 (midday) on 5 May.
6. This presentation will last no longer than fifteen (15) minutes, after which the presenter
must facilitate a class discussion to answer specific questions posed by members of the
7. The presenter will provide a digital copy of all presentation material to the instructor and a
hand out a summary of key learning points that support the presentation – submitted on
Moodle by 12:00 (midday) on April 18 2021.
8. The author of each report will be psychologically present at the presentations of each of
the other class members to ask questions, to reflect the links between own and other
presentations, and to critically contribute to the learning of all the members of the HRM 450
9. The project and presentation will be marked against the rubric supplied in the syllabus.
The total contribution of the project will be 50% with the breakdown of grades.
10. Late submissions will not be allowed. Students who submit late will receive zero grades
for that part of the project.

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