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1.) Lauren Huntsberry

Throughout the 8 weeks of this course, I feel as though I have been able to understand the objectives of this course. Communication is vital to success in an organization and it’s important to not only understand the types of communication but how it’s implemented. I feel that I’ve gained a better understanding of this type of communication and why HR professionals need this knowledge to succeed.

I feel that the discussions attributed most to gaining a complete understanding of the topics each week of the course. During the discussions, it was necessary to utilize course resources to research concepts and I feel that these resources were extremely helpful. I enjoyed weeks 6 and 7 learning how to develop and present a message both individually and within a group. I think HR professionals need this knowledge for their daily responsibilities while also providing this training to all employees.

During week 5 we learned and discussed the aspects of speeches and how to make the most effective impact. Addressing groups whether informatively or persuasively is an area I’d like to research further. I find it fascinating how every aspect of a speech affects the audience. Having a more well-rounded idea of how to present information to an audience can be helpful as an HRM in circumstances of addressing larger crowds.

2.) Matthieu Hensell

I am confident that I have managed to achieve the goals proposed by this course. Carrying out the weekly activities, along with the assignments where we put the learned theory into practice, has made me believe more in myself and feel more confident when applying the knowledge acquired. I think I have achieved this class’s purpose, which is to learn to apply knowledge in organizational communication. I have used the appropriate methods, media, and communication in the realization of the e-portfolio. I have also applied theories to organizational communication challenges in the transmission of negative messages. In the first assignment, I recognized, evaluated, and responded constructively to multicultural scenarios that posed communication challenges. Lastly, I performed a Communication Audit in a real setting, allowing me to advise the evaluated organization. All the tasks have contributed to my learning. However, I would like to highlight the Communication Audit as my greatest challenge and the activity that has contributed the most to me. In terms of areas of interest that I would have liked to explore further, the e-portfolio has enormously captured my interest. The fact of seeing my work collected in the same place has helped me to recognize and value the products I delivered to a greater extent.


1.) Melissa Holliday

Based on the article, I observed my organization and the culture of it. I looked at the organization with the eyes of an outsider to view the culture and how the employee’s react with each other (Heathfield, 2020). I was able to watch for emotions, look at the object that were being used, look for what is not there, as well as assess the culture (Heathfield, 2020). I was able to participate in a culture walk through to see how space is allocated, posters, bulletins, as well as interactions between employees and consumers (Heathfield, 2020). I was also able to interview individuals throughout the company to learn more about the culture (Heathfield, 2020).

The organization that I work in is a clan culture (Heinz 1). The organization focuses on working together and mentoring employees to achieve their goals (Heinz 1). I feel the organization lacks in certain areas because they do not provide proper training when it comes to being put in different situations that may arise at the workplace. Clan cultures are people-oriented and aim to make a company more family like (Heinz 1). In a clan culture as well as the organization I work for every individual is valued and communication is a top concern (Heinz 1). Clan cultures boost employee engagement and happy employees make happy customers (Heinz 1). There are some drawbacks to clan culture such as it is difficult to maintain as a company progresses (Heinz 1).

Based on my observation, culture does impact the morals and views of the individuals that work within it. I feel as the culture was positive and family like individuals were motivated to work together rather than place against each other. This impacts my behavior because I saw how much individuals care for one another and makes me want to be apart of that. I will work harder and maintain the consistecy of postivie behavior the indivduals of the company seem to maintain at all times.


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2.) Ava Porter

Using the tips from the article, I completed an anaylsis of my organizational culture within my workplace. First of all I thought about how much space was given to whom. The higher up people have offices with closed doors and windows overlooking the Chesapeake Bay. The average employees have cubicles with no doors or windows. The interns (me) sit at random desks that were placed in the conference area. I have also noticed that the interactions between different employeese is interesting. It is rare for my supervisor to come and tell me what to do (even though she is supposed to). She almost always makes one of the average employees in the cubicles tell me what she said. It feels as though she thinks shes too good to communicate with me. One of the questions on the website was ”What would you tell a friend about your organization if he or she was about to start working here?” This was a hard question, but I think I would tell them that it is really slow paced so expect to be bored. I would also tell them that everyone there is really friendly and will just stand around talking all day. It is a very chill environment.

Based on what you learned about your own organization, how well aligned is it with your own values and beliefs? How does this impact your behavior and/or performance.

I value working hard and respecting everyone around me. It is difficult to work hard when there is nothing to work hard at. I want to deserve the money i receive, but i do not feel like i do. Although, that is not my fault. Seeing other people just walking around and talking also hinders my performance. It makes me feel as though i can do that as well. I can to some degree, but I need to draw a line as to what is too much.


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