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This is a continuation of the Case Study Part 2. For this assignment, you, as an independent HRM consultant, are required to write a paper to the H4L’s CEO Bill Anderson and his leadership team.


Your paper should address the following three issues (use the third person tone):

Develop a Training Plan for the new international club managers to meet the company’s business objectives and address specific position-related issues. The Training Plan should include pre-departure training and on-the-job training in London.

Decide the best expatriates’ performance appraisal method for the company and provide a detailed explanation of the evaluation criteria for assessing new international club managers’ job performances.

Make specific recommendations for the company to provide expatriate support including pre-departure, during the assignments, and in repatriation.

Key Components Checklist:

1. Introduction: Provide the purpose and an overview of the paper;

2. Training plan;

3. Performance evaluation;

4. Expatriates support recommendations;

5. Conclusion: Reiterate the key points and summarize the main takeaways of your paper;

6. References.

Format Requirements Checklist:

Length: 7 to 8 pages, double-spaced, not counting the Title and the References pages;

Title page: the title of your paper, your name, the course name/number, and the date of your submission;

Section titles: Label the six key components of your paper with section titles;

APA: Use in-text citations and include a References list in APA format;

Font: Times New Roman (12pt., black);

File type: Microsoft Word;

Abstract & Running Head: Not required.

H4L Goes to London
A Case Study
Global Human Resource Management (HRMN 467) is a comprehensive study of global human
resource management. The three assignments using this case study, which is based on a fictional
fitness club chain in the United States, allow you to demonstrate mastery of the following course
1. Demonstrate the intercultural competencies of an effective citizen;
2. Distinguish national and global culture and the impact they have on the globalized
workforce to contribute to human resource practices across countries and cultures;
3. Identify the key challenges and trends in the changing globalized workforce to implement
effective human resource practices;
4. Analyze and assess global human resource policies, practices, and functions to meet an
organization’s goals and objectives while maintaining the values and traditions of the
local culture.
About H4L:
Health4Life (H4L) is a privately held health and fitness club chain in the United States with 316
locations around medium to large-sized metropolitan areas. The H4L concept is that club
members use gyms as a social setting to bring people together and promote a healthier lifestyle.
H4L offers personal training, wellness consultation, small workout groups, and monthly events
to encourage members to come together socially, work out, improve their health, and enrich their
lives. Each location has a club manager and 3 to 5 fitness instructors who provide support for
the members and the events.
Bill Anderson, the current CEO of H4L, and his leadership team recently decided to open up four
new clubs in London, to grow the organization globally and establish an international presence.
H4L will use this expansion as a pilot project and if all goes well, it will consider opening up
more locations in Europe and South America. The organization must find an effective formula
for this strategic endeavor to operate successfully in the global arena.
To address various human resource management issues related to this business expansion, Bill
and his leadership team have decided to seek outside assistance. You are hired as an
independent HRM consultant to help ensure the success of the H4L’s expansion into the
international market.
During the initial meeting with CEO Bill Anderson and HR Director Sarah Walker, you are
provided with the following information:
H4L has decided to take an ethnocentric staffing approach. It will send four PNCs
(parent company nationals) from its current US-based employees to London as club
managers. Each manager needs to set up a gym in London quickly, oversee all aspects of
its operation, and run it effectively and efficiently. Only H4L internal candidates will be
considered for the position as they are familiar with the company’s business concept,
values, and operations.
A majority of the company’s current club managers and other employees are willing to
have a chance to work abroad.
The average annual salary for the current H4L club manager is $58,000 plus benefits.
Compensation to the new international club managers should be competitive and aligned
with the company’s compensation level but also take into consideration the host
country’s financial situation.
The company is committed to providing the best support and necessary training to the
new international club managers.
The company wants to develop a performance appraisal method to evaluate new
international club managers’ job performances.
Part 1 (Due by the end of Week 3)
As an independent HRM consultant to H4L, write a paper to present to H4L’s CEO Bill
Anderson to address these two issues:
1. Analyze H4L’s currently chosen international staffing approach and make your
2. Design a Competency Model as a guideline for the selection of the new international club
Please read the assignment details in Assignment Descriptions under Syllabus.
Part 2 (Due by the end of Week 5)
As an independent HRM consultant to H4L, complete these two tasks:
1. Create a balance sheet approach compensation package PPT to be presented to the H4L’s
leadership team
2. Create an internal job posting email for the four new international club manager positions
in London
Please read the assignment details in Assignment Descriptions under Syllabus.
Part 3 (Due by the end of Week 7)
As an independent HRM consultant to H4L, write a paper to present to H4L’s CEO Bill
Anderson to address these three issues:
1. Develop a Training Plan for the new international club managers
2. Decide the best expatriates’ performance appraisal method
3. Make specific expatriate support recommendations
Please read the assignment details in Assignment Descriptions under Syllabus.
Case Study of Human Resource Management
Student’s Name
Institution Affiliation
Overview of the Paper
This study will be presenting its purpose on the consultant professional’s hiring, the
background of the study, analysis of the staffing type the H4L (Health4life) need to employ for
their international expansion, model of competencies displaying the skills the club was to consider
for their staff members for the international work.
Study’s Purpose
Organizations and businesses in many events employs or hires professionals basically
known as consultants for Human Resource (HR) from outside the organization or business. These
consultant professionals helps the organization or a business to find solutions and meet the needs
in the organization or business that are related to the human resource (Hunter, 1999). The
consultant professionals are often employed to give high profiled recommendations and solutions
to the team tasked with the management function. There are two prevalent situation that makes the
organizations or businesses opt for hiring a consultant human resource. One of the main reasons
is that some of these organizations or businesses they simply does not have support for expertise
or human resource that are tasked with handling internal significant company issues and agendas
like a new benefit package implementation or the creation of a handbook for new employees
(Hunter, 1999). On a different page the organization or business may hire a consultant professional
with an aim of noting a perspective from the outside on a given challenge or project. The
professional hired for consultations then addresses the issue or that specific challenge without
shifting his or her attention to the internal politics of that given organization or into other elements
that might challenge the decision making objective (Hunter, 1999).
This study has a specific purpose of advising the H4L (Health4life) chain club in the United
States appropriately by making proper recommendations on the staffing type the club should take
and the competencies they would base on selecting their staffs for international marketing and
service for the club.
H4L (Health4life) chain club for fitness in the United States being located in about three
hundred and sixteen large and medium sized metropolitan areas wanted to expand its services to
be international by first taking it to England’s capital city, London. The H4L (Health4life) CEO
Anderson Bill and the club’s team of leaders resolved in seeking an outside point of view. They
settled on employing services of an external professional consultant to give them a perspective and
advice on the issue related to human resource and so as they can effectively and efficiently fit and
perform on the internal market.
Staffing Analysis
Polycentric Staffing Approach
The staffing approach of polycentric entails the management of every subsidiary of the
business on the local grounds (Collings, & Scullion, 2006). The subsidiary in this approach is
headed by a native employee with a reason that the managers of the headquarters are taken to have
inadequate knowledge in the local setting or working environment. Locally, the management of
human resource practices are often developed by the subsidiaries. Companies using this kind of
approach have an assumption that each and every country’s subsidiaries would locally develop
practices that are appropriate under the local managers’ supervision and that each and every
country differs from one another (Collings, & Scullion, 2006).
Polycentric Approach Advantages
Challenges of expatriates adjustments are avoided in polycentric approach
Barriers in languages is eliminated by the employment of the host state’s citizens hence
promotion of the effective service delivery.
It saves for the company as the need for training employees to learn the host country’s
language and culture which may be expensive is not necessary as the approach considers
the employment of the natives.
The approach avoids the key personnel’s turnover.
Also since the approach considers employing the native of the hosting country,
employment of the staff is less expensive.
Polycentric Approach Disadvantages
Foreign subsidiaries are set apart from headquarter that is parent.
Managers of the host nation have their promotion opportunities and chances limited this is
due to their inability to gain foreign countries experience.
Ethnocentric Strategy of Staffing
The Ethnocentric Strategy is one of the strategies of international recruiting in which, on
the basis of the expertise needed and the ability of the applicant to blend with the culture of the
organization, the HR hires the correct person for the right job for international companies. In the
Ethnocentric Strategy, the workers of the parent nation occupy the main roles in the company
(COLAKOGLU & TARIQUE, 2006). All the executive options, including. The MNC’s at their
headquarters devise the plan, vision, priorities, and the host company should follow the same. It is
founded on the rationale that the workers of the parent nation are better than the others, and they
should serve the needs of the headquarters better as well. This strategy is useful in a situation where
a new division is formed in the host state and the parent firm’s workers visit around and setup their
activities (Collings, & Scullion, 2006).
Ethnocentric Strategy’s Advantages
The strategy of ethnocentric offers control that is effective over the subsidiaries.
Parent and the host company’s coordination is enhanced and bettered in the ethnocentric
The parent corporation watches the activities of the affiliate closely in the ethnocentric
The strategy displays technical know-how better transfer.
There is no need to create an international, well-developed local labor market.
The parent company’s culture can be readily transmitted to the subsidiary company, thus
infusing the foreign nation with values and traditions.
Efficient contact between the parent organization and the host.
Ethnocentric Strategy’s Disadvantages
Significant problems guiding staff who live far from the mother country.
Because of the differences in culture, the employees of the mother country may find it
difficult to adapt to the host country.
The chance to recruit the best staff from the host nation was overlooked.
There is cultural conflicts between both the top management of the mother country as well
as the members of staff of the host nation.
In the ethnocentric strategy of international staffing the rate of failure is extremely high.
Particularly in comparison to the host country’s workers, expatriates from the mother
country are very costly.
The parent nation’s business in the ethnocentric strategy, may be hindered by the
restrictions by the government.
Geocentric Strategy of Staffing
The Geocentric Technique is a foreign recruiting strategy in which the MNC recruits the
most appropriate worker, regardless of their nationality, for the task (Reiche, 2007). The reasoning
behind the Geocentric Strategy is that the planet is a pool of qualified workers and, regardless of
their ethnicity, the most deserving candidate who is effective in his profession should be selected
for the job. This technique is practiced by businesses that are genuinely multinational and they
follow an advanced world market approach. Generally, management consultants or experts are
recruited to identify the most appropriate person to be working in the global sector, armed with all
the requisite expertise, living in every part of the globe. In conjunction to this, by keeping a track
record of its workers, MNCs may make use of their internal source of recruiting and analyze them
to identify the most acceptable applicant for worldwide placement (Reiche, 2007).
Geocentric Strategy of Staffing’s Advantages
MNCs would build a pool of top management with foreign interactions and cross-border
The workers would learn about each other’s experiences through mutual learning.
Each manager’s experience should be used to achieve the goal of the MNC as a whole.
The decrease in dissatisfaction, i.e., decreases the feeling of unjust treatment.
Geocentric Strategy of Staffing’s Disadvantages
Since consultants or agencies for recruitment are to be recruited for the eligible candidates’
global search, this geocentric strategy proves to be very expensive.
The cost of an employee’s training, compensation, and relocation is too high.
Greatly centralized recruitment and retention management is essential.
The HR needs extensive scrutiny to select the most appropriate person for the job, which
could consume time.
Model of Competency
Practice of Ethics
Sometimes, HR practitioners are charged with developing ethical HR processes or
improving the ethical environment of an enterprise. Such initiatives have many goals, but the
introduction of a good ethical environment, in particular, will help shield a company from adverse
employee conduct. And the introduction of ethical systems is important to companies because
greater standards of corporate success are correlated with ethical HR systems (Cosby, 2014).
Navigation and Leadership
For instance, positive employee behaviors such as workplace satisfaction and
organizational engagement, reduced morale, and improved employee work performance are
correlated with various positive results. Navigation and Leadership acknowledges this critical
position for professionals of HR by defining the qualities needed by HR specialists to guide
initiatives of the organization.
Employees better understand the intent and value of strategies and procedures when HR
knowledge is shared well. When managers convey HR practices and policies to their staff
efficiently, employees consider the HRM of the company to be more productive, and employee
loyalty and efficiency of the business unit are positively influenced in turnover HR employers must
ensure that the information they transmit are concise, readily, and clearly understood via their
communication expertise in order to effectively satisfy duties for each level of career.
Acumen of the Business
In terms of their Acumen of Business, HR business leaders should be well established. This
entails understanding organizational processes and roles, understanding how activities in HRM
(human resource management) relate to essential functions of business, and understanding the
external atmosphere of the enterprise. In order to affect operational success, they should also
understand how internal and external influences (for example, the external business climate and
internal staffing resources) intersect (Cosby, 2014).
HR experts also carry on the role of an organizational mentor or specialist on human
resources questions within their own organization. In this position, HR practitioners will help
business units solve issues related to human resources, such as hiring requirements, training and
growth needs, employee engagement concerns, and problems with relations of employees, inside
the Consulting proficiency.
Management of Relationship
Professionals of HR communicate constantly with consumers and stakeholders; hence, job
success for an HR company leader is primarily a function of his or her willingness to sustain
positive interpersonal interactions and help others do the same, or to show relationship
management skills. In the work world, study has reported promising effects correlated with
efficient and stable interpersonal interactions (Cosby, 2014).
HR Expertize
Through designing, maintaining and enforcing sound HRM strategies, practices and procedures
that promote organizational mission and priorities, HR practitioners directly impact organizational
Evaluation that is Critical
HR can improve the usefulness and effectiveness of the programs of human capital by
notifying their advancement and tracking their achievement with suitable information via Critical
Evaluation. Such a source of data is metrics of human capital. Not only can human resource metrics
bring value to the role of HR in organizations, but more reliable strategic collaborators are seen as
HR roles that gather and better use HR metrics to inform HR activity (Cosby, 2014).
Cultural and Global Effectiveness
Since several organizations are proactively striving to expand the diversity in their
employees, and since today’s workforce is increasingly multicultural, good HR leaders must be
willing to communicate with peers, partners and consumers with diverse backgrounds and cultures
efficiently and respectfully. HR practitioners are also charged with the creation, implementation
and assessment of these programs related to diversity (Cosby, 2014).
The H4L (Health4life) chain club should use the Geocentric Technique of staffing. This
strategy is a foreign recruiting strategy in which the MNC recruits the most appropriate worker,
regardless of their nationality, for the task. The reasoning behind the Geocentric Strategy is that
the planet is a pool of qualified workers and, regardless of their ethnicity, the most deserving
candidate who is effective in his profession should be selected for the job. This technique is
practiced by businesses that are genuinely multinational and they follow an advanced world market
approach. Generally, management consultants or experts are recruited to identify the most
appropriate person to be working in the global sector, armed with all the requisite expertise, living
in every part of the globe. The Club should also observe the competencies strictly to obtain the
most suitable most effective staff team.
Collings, D. G., & Scullion, H. U. G. H. (2006). Approaches to international staffing. Global
staffing, 17-38.
Sebastian Reiche, B. (2007). The effect of international staffing practices on subsidiary staff
retention in multinational corporations. The International Journal of Human Resource
Management, 18(4), 523-536.
Proceedings (Vol. 2006, No. 1, pp. O1-O6). Briarcliff Manor, NY 10510: Academy
of Management.
Lakshman, S., Lakshman, C., & Estay, C. (2017). The relationship between MNCs’
strategies and executive staffing. International Journal of Organizational Analysis.
Cosby, D. M. (2014). Sustainability program leadership for human resource development
professionals: A competency model. Journal of Organizational Culture,
Communications and Conflict, 18(2), 79.
Hunter, R. H. (1999). The “new HR” and the new HR consultant: Developing human
resource consultants at Andersen Consulting. Human Resource Management:
Published in Cooperation with the School of Business Administration, The University
of Michigan and in alliance with the Society of Human Resources
Management, 38(2), 147-153.
Internal Managerial Job Posting for the New London Offices.
Amanda Odukwu
HMRN 467
Dr. Katherine Stone
25 NOV 2020
From: Sarah Walker, Director of Human Resources
To: All H4L Employees
Subject: New Club Manager Positions in London
Hello Everybody,
As you know, Health4Life (H4L) is looking to expand and establish new offices in London, UK.
Consequently, H4L is looking to recruit four club managers who will be in charge of the London
offices. We have decided to prioritize an internal recruitment process. However, if we are not
satisfied with the applications we will receive, we will use external channels to fill the vacancies.
We encourage those who feel that they are qualified enough to apply.
The new managers will be in charge of the London offices. Their primary responsibilities will
include managing budgets for their respective branches, maintaining and keeping financial and
statistical records, marketing and promoting H4L products and services, and ensuring that the
company’s fitness equipment remains in good shape. Moreover, the managers will be responsible
for recruiting, supervising, and training staff in their respective locations. They will also be
expected to creatively enhance the organization’s profitability by innovating new and appropriate
fitness programs and activities. The managers will also be required to handle any emergencies,
complaints, and inquiries. As a company policy, the new managers will be required to stay
updated with the latest health and fitness developments to adopt them to remain relevant and
For anyone to be considered for this role, they must be degree holders in sports science, exercise
science, physical education, life sciences, health management, leisure management, or recreation
management. Postgraduate degrees and relevant certificates will be treated as an advantage.
The potential candidates must prove that they are passionate about fitness and health. They
possess entrepreneurial skills that can be harnessed by the company to achieve the aims and
objectives of the H4L organization eventually. Moreover, the potential candidate must have
excellent communication and problem-solving skills. These are the additional essential skills
required for the managerial job.
The selected individuals will be lucky to interact with London’s diverse population. This will
assist in broadening their imagination and enriching their culture. They will also be lucky to
experience London’s excellent weather. H4L will also compensate them well with a good salary
and a variety of benefits.
To apply for this position, kindly reply to this mail by sending your credentials, including CV,
cover letter, and copies of relevant certificates. In your cover letter, be sure to mention why you
think you are the right fit for the London job.
For any clarifications or questions, kindly contact our Human Resource department.
Kind regards,
Sarah Walker.
Amanda Odukwu
HRMN 467
Dr. Katherine Stone
25 NOV 2020
• To illustrate the remuneration package for the London potential
club managers.
• To give an illustration of possible compensation packages for the
potential club managers in London.
• The manager’s annual basic salary will be $75,000/=.
• The salary is subject to an annual increase of five percent for the first
five years of the managerial position.
• Life insurance.
• Comprehensive health insurance.
• Traveling allowances.
• Paid Time Off (PTO).
• Child care benefits.
• Extended health insurance covering nuclear family members.
• Full gym membership for the manager’s nuclear family.
• Wellness programs.
• Flexible working hours.
• Employee education and training.
• Seasonal and performance appraisal rewards and gifts.
• Time off for volunteer and charity work.
• Freedom to customize their working space.
• Sufficient paternity and maternity leaves.
• The managers will receive an annual basic salary of $75,000/=.
• They will be entitled to direct and indirect benefits.
• H4L organization will also provide non-financial benefits for the
• Farid, N. (2020, October 7). What are the best UK employee benefits you can
offer? Read our 2020 expert UK guide, find out the best employee. DrewBerry.
• Investopedia. (2020, October 25). Is it Cheaper to Live in the U.K. Than in the
US? https://www.investopedia.com/ask/answers/100214/what-cost-livingdifference-between-us-anduk.asp#:%7E:text=Overall%2C%20the%20cost%20of%20living,lifestyle%20i

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