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1-The article Men’s men and women’s Women acknowledges that when women feature in advertisements for men, they undermine the central masculine ideal. They are depicted as attractive in appearance, thinking, usually young, predominantly blonde, and always wearing skimpy clothing. It’s also crucial to understand the many ways people connect. Men’s Women nearly always give out subtle cues that they are open to sexual activity, although this is rarely expressed publicly. This article is also instructing us on an effective way of communicating with audiences. Some women never see the men’s face, they are only going to use for their fantasies and after that they will be completely unknown to you. The Miller advertisement is average in many regards. The article teaches us how we must deal with the particular situation but also, we must know how men are. That may have been a straightforward advertisement with a man purchasing and drinking develops into a complex sexual dream that is, in many ways, made to look like a sexual movie. The humor throughout this advertisement in obvious, but men are aware that it is mistaken to believe that unidentified women are yearning for them and looking for casual sex. For men, it is so easy to just think of women as a way of using women for their pleasures. Their main point will be that their product has related to the audiences even if it has connected with the pleasure of fantasy. This article tells a lot to those who want to know about certain product. The establishment’s norms continue to be applied to how the man’s wife is shown. The advertising and branding are not literally technical writing. The very same approach should be as beneficial and productive when creating commercial advertisements. Advertising that is non-sophisticated typically avoids using technical terms, which is sometimes referred to as non-technicality. Some questions will be raised are What are some ethical dilemmas you have faced, and do you consider yourself to be an ethical person?

2-From “Men’s Men and Women’s Women” we learn that companies that run advertisements can run certain commercials based on the gender that would be watching at that particular time of day. This can also go for the types of things shown on these commercials whether it be more women or men in the commercial based on what gender is watching more during that time of the day.

The article showed how to adapt tone and style to a particular situation based on who is watching the particular commercial. For example if the target audience is to be men, advertisers will try to use things that men are interested in and try to engage them to buying their product and the same for women. Although these advertisers try to reach these groups in certain ways, it can be seen as somewhat stereotypical as these advertisers use stereotypes for women and men, which can be seen nowadays as not accurate.

Although the article was written in the 90’s, I can still see somewhat similar tendencies in today’s advertisements. These strategies by advertisers were made on assumptions that typically aren’t true such as women stay at home and take care of the house/children and men would go to work throughout the week. Based on these assumptions they make generalizations of what women and men should do and they try to incorporate it into their commercials when in reality, every person is different and assumptions shouldn’t be made about each gender as it causes problems in society and different stereotypes that can hurt particular groups of people. ( 50 word each please)

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