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Topic Question: “What are some HR policies and strategies that can be used to support employees with long-term medical conditions (like COVID/Cancer) that result in exceeding sick pay benefits?” (you can incorporate the new California COVID PTO Policy as one of your references)

Please site a minimum of 10-12 article



A literature review is a broad-ranging, critical examination of the literature (research) on a particular topic/problem (in this case, related to Human Resources Management). The goal is to:

(1) identify and summarize key literature that informs a topic/problem and

(2) to critically evaluate the literature to gain current knowledge that will inform the topic/problem.

(3) draw conclusions and recommend mitigating or addressing the identified problem.

A complete literature review will include the following:

Identify the problem (one that you have identified and are grappling with)

Identify and summarize what the literature indicates are the key assertions, theories, and concepts related to your topic.

Identify emerging themes of agreement and disagreement in the literature related to your topic.

Identify gaps, problematic areas, or controversial areas in the literature related to your topic/problem.

Synthesize literature and draw conclusions that inform recommendations.

While it might feel like this is a research paper, it is NOT.  A research paper describes and summarizes the research.  A literature review requires this and that you critically examine, synthesize, and draw new conclusions that can be uniquely applied to your chosen topic/problem.


Identify a specific challenge faced in your organization and/or in your industry related to human resources management policies or procedures. You will conduct a literature review to inform recommendations that you can make to address this problem. (Note that assignment requirement #s correspond to the rubric dimension #s, be sure to review the rubric along with the assignment instructions.)


1. Identify a problem

and the research question

an HR-related problem at an organization and the research question that can help you to address the problem: Open the literature review paper by explicitly and succinctly identifying a specific organization that you are personally familiar with and identify a specific challenge, dilemma, or problem-related

to human resources management policies or procedures

that the organization is facing.  (For the purpose of this assignment, pretend that you have the autonomy and authority to make recommendations.) After identifying the problem, state the research question that you will guide your research on addressing the problem.


Identify the organization (the name can be changed for confidentiality) and briefly describe the organization and industry.


Provide a concise summary and description of the SPECIFIC Human Resources-related problem and explain why it is a concern for the sustainability and success of the organization. Helpful tip: Select something with a narrow scope that is very specific.


.  State the research question that helps you explore the problem and possible solutions.

2. Identify and summarize key literature

that answers your research question on the topic/problem (should include 7-10 sources). Identify and describe what does the literature say about this problem? What does the research say about answering your research question?

3. Identify key emerging themes

of agreement found in the research. As you identify “emerging themes,” you are looking for strategies and actions that you can take to solve the problem (or that you can avoid mitigating the problem).

4. Identify research gaps:

areas of contradiction, inconsistency, or lacking in the research. Identify facets of the problem that remain unanswered either because the literature did not address it or because the findings related were contradictory.

5. Conclude with synthesis and conclusions/recommendations

that you have drawn.  Discuss how you recommend the identified issue should be addressed due to the literature review. Be sure that your conclusions and recommendations are directly connected with the research, especially the emerging themes. Do not make recommendations that are not grounded in the literature.

6. Ethics & Faith Integration

-Reflect and discuss how your personal values, ethics, and worldview shape your analysis and conclusions? Are your recommendations in line with Christian principles? -Yes/no, why?

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