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Learning Goal: I’m working on a humanities question and need support to help me learn.

Each week you will create your own original question based on our class content and the specific chapter open that week and then respond to at least (2) two of your classmates. Post your ONE (1) question and at least TWO (2) answers ONLY during the time the specific Chapter is open. You will not receive credit for questions or answers posted after the due date or if you post your question too early. See the Schedule of Assignments in the side menu of Blackboard for ALL open and close dates each week.

The content of your questions and responses needs to be based on the chapter open that week. When you start to post your original question each week, please put the Chapter Number your question covers. This helps students know where one chapter’s questions end and the other chapter’s questions begin weekly. Example: Chapter Two: What role do you think the ideas of Socrates play in modern times? (Please do not go back and answer questions from previous weeks or post questions for previous weeks. These posts will not be accepted.)

You receive a score on your (1) original question (40 points possible) and your two answers to classmates (20 points possible for each response), so if you do not respond to at least (2) two of your classmates each week, you will not be eligible to receive full credit for your post. The combined score of your original question and your (2) two answers go into your grade each week (80 points possible). Your answers to classmates should be just as detailed, well-articulated, and well-supported as your original post, and they should make a connection.

Both your original question and your two replies need a

Curiosity Score

of at least 40 to receive full credit. If you have under a 40 Curiosity Score, points will be deducted. However, getting at least a 40 Curiosity Score on both your post and replies is the minimum you have to do to receive full credit. I will still check your questions myself to make sure they are on topic, that the citations are correct, that there is no plagiarism, and that you are using proper grammar and punctuation. You are expected to use standard grammar, capitalization, and punctuation in your posts and replies. Capitalize your I’s, use spell check, and proofread before you post, please.

Want to know what a Curiosity Score is? Read

The Packback Curiosity Scoring System.

For tips on creating a good post or response, using Packback, read

How do I create a good quality post?


For more information on Curiosity Scoring, read,

Where can I find my Curiosity Score?

If your question is flagged because it does not meet the

Community Guidelines

(scroll down to

What Not To Post

), and it is removed, you will not receive credit unless you repost an edited question within the required time period. This also applies if one or more of your answers is flagged for not meeting

Community Guidelines

(scroll down to

What Not To Post

). That is why it is best to start early in the week on Packback. If you have received feedback on a question and it was removed, edit it, and send an email to the instructor when you repost.

Use MLA to cite your sources.

For more information on MLA formatting view

MLA Overview


If you cite a source at the bottom in the source area, there needs to be

in-text citation(s)

in your description box. So whether you use a quote or paraphrase, you must cite in-text. For more information read

MLA In-Text Citations: The Basics.

If you use an in-text citation, you must cite your source at the bottom. For more information read

MLA In-Text Citations: The Basics.

Not citing your sources in-text or at the bottom will lead you to lose points whether or not you receive a 40

Curiosity Score

from Packback.


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