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Clinical Application – Working with a Client

Assignment Directions

25 possible points

This Clinical Application is worth 25 points.

Be sure that your work is thorough and of good quality so you can earn all of the points!!


Complete one Topic listed below as assigned by the first letter of your last name

As a health care professional you will become a health and nutrition educator.

For your assigned life stage address the following:

Identify the critical nutritional issues and nutrient needs. What are the nutrients of concern? Support your claim with why they are critical and how to address the issues. (

This should be at least 2-4 paragraphs


Identify the social and economic problems encountered in that life stage. You can use your text, your own knowledge, or the internet. Provide a thorough response. (

This should be at least 2-4 paragraphs


Once you have identified and described the nutrition issues and social/economic problems, devise a

10-point teaching plan

related to Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle for a person in the stage of life that you were assigned. (What are the 10 points you want to be sure that you tell your client and that you want them to remember? Support your 10 points –

this is not just a list – it must have explanations

. What are you trying to teach?) Discuss any teaching tools or visual aids you might use. This should be formatted as if you are telling/talking to the client (or their parent) not a list for your instructor.

Create a one day sample menu for your client (a one day well balanced menu, include foods that contain the nutrients of concern too – not copied from the internet.)

Remember the learning ability of the person (if it is a child, it may be the parent who will be taught). Make your plan practical and list any learning aids you might use. Think of problems and suggestions if you had to teach this person as a client.

This paper will have 4 parts:

(Submit all in 1 document, not multiple attachments)

Critical Nutrition Issues and Nutrient Needs (2-4 paragraphs),

Social and Economic Problems (2-4 paragraphs),

Teaching Plan – The 10-Points need to be numbered – with discussion. (3-5 minimum sentences per point)

One Day’s Menu (This should be a menu you create – not copied from online.)

Be sure to submit them all as one document.

Select the topic that matches the first initial of your last name as indicated.

Pregnant adult (A and B)

Lactating mother (C and D)

Preschool age 2 to 5 years (E, F, and G)

School age 5-12 years (H and I)

Pregnant adolescent (J, K and L)

Adolescent male (M, N, and O)

Adolescent female (P, Q and R)

Adult 50-70 years old (S, T, and U)

Adult 70+ (not in a nursing home) (V, W, X, Y and Z)

Required: Be sure to put your name and topic at the top of your paper.

This paper is based on all the great things you have learned in life and in this course. There is not “one place” where you will look this information up. Use your knowledge and practical experience. Remember your responses need to be in your own words not just copied from the text or the internet.

This Clinical Application is worth 25 points .

Be sure that your work is thorough and of good quality so you can earn all of the points!! Points will be deducted if directions are not followed.

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