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Read all the responses to ”

Class Conversation 4.2

,” and then respond to the following prompts. This will be the final part of your Research Project Proposal.

Consider the following requirements for the Contexts Project (CP):

The contextualizing in the CP must be supported by a broad and varied selection of research, including primary and secondary sources, scholarship, journalism, policy papers, reports, case law, and other sources as appropriate for your topic. While both you and your instructor will work to determine an appropriate scope and variety of research for your essay, at a minimum it should draw evidence from

6-8 sources, including at least TWO professional scholars in conversation and at least TWO other students in this class

. Keep in mind that the total number of sources for the entire project’s bibliography is 15-20 sources.

Find two recent peer reviewed sources produced by professional scholars who specialize in areas relevant to your research. For each of these sources, provide a.) an MLA format works cited entry and b.) a brief annotation that summarizes the importance of the source to your project.

Select two other students in our class that you will potentially cite in your CP. For each student, provide a.) an MLA format works cited entry* and b.) a brief annotation explaining the importance of their contributions to your own project. NOTE: Do not cherry-pick quotes. Instead, select other students whose research projects will be genuinely useful in some way to your own over the next several weeks.

*You should format your citations of other students in the same

MLA style

as your citations of other sources. See example below.

Paraphrase paraphrase paraphrase “quotation quotation quotation” (Wild).

Works Cited

Wild, Brandon. “Class Conversation 2.”

WR 39C: Argument and Research (33380)

, 17 Jan 2021.


NOTE: Writing you submit for these topic development posts can be used as draft portions of your CP, to be included with necessary revisions if and when it is appropriate to the development of the argument therein.

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