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This week, you will prepare your second presentation to the managers of the organization you described in the Week 1 Assignment. Your topic this week is employee engagement and motivation. Using the slide template, course resources, and this week’s Discussion to guide you, provide 2–3 bullet points for each slide, along with an accompanying script in the Notes section of each slide that you would use if you were delivering the presentation to a group of managers. As in Week 1, be sure your presentation ends with a clear, actionable Call to Action.

As you prepare your presentation and script, be sure to cover all items outlined, including the incorporation of references to appropriate academic sources, such as those found in the Learning Resources or those in the Walden Library.

To prepare for this Assignment:

Review, as needed, the following resource, which includes links to helpful information about using Microsoft PowerPoint:

Walden University Academic Skills Center. (n.d.).

Microsoft PowerPoint






Download the

Week 2 Assignment Template (PowerPoint presentation)



Submit your presentation. Using the PowerPoint template provided, address the following topics and questions in approximately 4–5 slides, excluding references:

Employee Motivation and Engagement

Analyze the drivers of employee motivation and engagement.

Evaluate how the culture of your selected organization supports or inhibits the drivers of employee motivation and engagement.

Call to Action: Develop a list of at least three clear actions that could be taken by any manager and that have been demonstrated to enhance employee engagement and motivation.

Attched you will find the ppt fromlast week.

I will also be sending you template shortly

Organizational Culture and
Employee Engagement
Blanche Sanders
Walden University
WMBA-6010: Managing People and Promoting Collaboration
Dr. Stanley Warrick
July 10, 2022
Organizational Components
â–º Loniet Corporation is a hospitality organization.
â–º The organization handles a great diversity.
â–º Diversity is viewed as a strength and a form of marketing
strategy (Gleeson, 2017).
â–º Depends on adhocracy as it recognizes all the changes.
â–º Diversification is applied on personnel as well as customers.
Importance of Organizational Culture
â–º The culture functions as a competitive
â–º An inclusive environment that identifies and
works with differences.
â–º The organization accepts customers from all
over the globe (Gurchiek, 2021).
Adhocracy and Marketing Culture
â–º The culture identifies all the changes in the market.
â–º The organization accepts the differences encountered on
both internal and external conditions (Gurchiek, 2021).
â–º Organizational operations are focused on creating an
inclusive environment.
â–º It focuses on meeting new customers in different:
â–º Racial
â–º Ethnic
â–º Cultural
â–º Religious aspects.
Strengths and Weaknesses
â–º The culture is a
â–º Racist individuals still
competitive advantage.
â–º It is highly embraced in
the organization.
â–º It operates as an example
to other organizations.
threaten the culture.
Call to Action
â–º The organization should place its subordinates in a
place where they are encouraged to embrace diverse
â–º Employees should act as an attraction to those
seeking inclusion.
â–º The subordinates should be encouraged to take part
in initiatives that encourage inclusion in a diverse
â–º Developing and sustaining employee engagement. (2021, June 23).
SHRM. https://www.shrm.org/resourcesandtools/tools-andsamples/toolkits/pages/sustainingemployeeengagement.aspx
â–º Gleeson, B. (2017, October 15). 5 Powerful Steps To Improve
Employee Engagement.
Forbes. https://www.forbes.com/sites/brentgleeson/2017/10/15/
â–º Gurchiek, K. (2021, October 11). 6 steps for building an inclusive
workplace. SHRM. https://shrm.org/hr-today/news/hrmagazine/0418/pages/6-steps-for-building-an-inclusiveworkplace.aspx

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